Interconnect for Rega P25- Nac 52

I am reassembling my active Nap 250- Nac52- Cyrus Phono Signature/PSXR2- Rega P25 system and was looking for suggestions on the best interconnect from the Cyrus. I use various Chord interconnects for the other sources but was curious of better options?

Thanks in advance!

Lots of good options. My favorites are the Naim Lavender RCA-DIN, Witch Hat Morgana RCA-DIN and Chord Signature TA RCA-DIN.

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What @nicnaim says.

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The ‘best’ will be very expensive, and I’d suggest you stick with the Naim lavender and put the money towards an upgrade for the P25. A P10 would be much more fitting in your excellent system.


Whilst a WH Morgana would make a very nice interconnect, I’d agree with HH and get a better front end. P10 would be nice, or even a Michell Gyro. Either way a Rega RB3000 arm and a decent/modest MC cartridge would suit the rest of your system. I too have the Cyrus phono stage and its very good.
What cartridge are you currently using?

Thanks for the suggestions. The P25 was refurbished last year and I have a Hana MH cartridge. It was better than a new P3 and close to a P6 to my ears. Witch Hat are pretty rare in the US. I have a couple of spare Chord interconnects but was considering upgrading since the Cyrus is a far better than my Stageline.

While the P25 is very nice, it’s no match for active NBLs. Maybe it’s just for occasional listening and absolute quality is unimportant, but in that case why worry about getting the best interconnects?

There will be one up for sale in a few weeks in the US.

Since I am retired, I am seeking interconnects that have best synergy with my Naim system and are cost effective.CD and Cassette are primary sources followed by P25 and Tuner. Anyone using Lunar or Flashback cables?

Thanks again.

I located Witch Hat and Flashback interconnects and should have them next week. Thanks again for the suggestions as I will experiment and decide which sounds best.

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