Interconnect support

Hi everyone.
Is there such a thing as an interconnect support?
A support that takes the weight off the Din socket and interconnect pins without removing the benefits of de-coupling?

Yes there is. Try friend Google with " Furutech NCF Booster-Signal Connector & cable holder" and you’ll find a myriad of options. From various reviews these seem to work really well too.

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The Naim interconnect is pretty light really so just winding back the locking collars can provide an element of decoupling that you be heard and appreciated. I don’t think you’d want to add any more mass as that would probably undo the benefits.

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@Richard.Dane my interconnect is made by Audioquest. As well as being beefier in the first place, they have a battery pack attached so they’re heavier than the standard cable.

Hi @RvL yes that’s the first thing I saw when I did my initial Google. I thought that they’d still transmit vibration into the cable from whatever they were stood on.
I’m probably over thinking this, so I’ll just knock something up to carry the weight of the battery pack.

Thank you.

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Ah OK.

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