Interconnects to connect third-party equipment

I have a Naim NAC 202/ NAP 200DR and a chord qutest DAC. What kind of interconnect is recommended?


Not sure.

Turning it slightly on its head, do Chord make any recommendations? If not, I don’t think you will go far wrong with Naim ‘lavender’.

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You ideally want a phono to Din lead. Naim make one for £115 I believe, otherwise Chord or Flashback Sales.

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I’ve certainly used various Chord Company RCA to DIN IC’s in the past. I don’t use it currently but most recently I used a Chord Signature IC which I got used for a good price.
They have a wide range of prices both old and new, the lower cost ones from the past include Crimson and Cobra with a few variants using different connectors on the RCA source end. The older ones were metal and gold coloured and the newer ones had hard semi transparent plastic RCA plugs and finally ones with solid plastic and larger connectors almost rubberised in appearance/touch.
Above that are Chameleon which is silver based and a bit brighter in presentation.
Of the current range you’d probably be good with an Epic, if you buy any used make sure the source end is the RCA end as they’re directional.
Naim Hi-Line is available as an RCA to DIN, they occasionally pop up used but far less often than the standard DIN to DIN type.

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Thank you for the info!!

Then, would it be RCA to 5 pin DIN? I didn’t know they were not omnidirectional.


Thanks! Will look for those as well.

Yes, Chord Qutest as your source has a RCA stereo pair output and the source inputs on your NAC are 5 pin DIN 180°. You could use RCA both ends but the preference is to use DIN inputs to preamp to give best quality.
The Chord Company IC cable will have arrows on it that point away from the source end.
The Naim cables are also marked to indicate the source end, the lavender grey standard cables have a sheath band with an identifier NA-xx on it to show which Naim employee made that cable and the source end. The Hi-Line and Super Lumina have a similar grey band at the join between the connector and cable to indicate source end.
Direction is important especially on cables that have different connectors on each end like an RCA to DIN cable for example to ensure the grounding and pin alignments are correct.
Some DIN connectors have locking rings, it’s typically advised you leave those loose and not locked on, even though they can be!

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Why not locked, if you don’t mind me asking.

It sounds ever so slightly better that way. It’s what led Naim to develop the airplug for the Hi-line etc…


I would recommend vertere DFI rca to din cable

Superb cable

The naim lavender and chord offerings are good but to my ears vertere are in another league

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You beat me to it…

How do they compare DIN to DIN if available?
Thanks for pointers!

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