Interconnects under 350€ to connect a Chord Qutest

i am about to add a Chord Qutest DAC in between my sources (ND5XS2 and/or CD5 XS) and my Supernait 3 Amplifier.

The budget should be around 300-400€ for both cables as this is new territory for me and i don’t want to overspend before having established a quality baseline. Initially i had set up my mind for Vertere D-FI but unfortunately they do not make a 2x RCA to DIN in their Pulse Line anymore. I guess it was too good for the money and their Redline is out of my prince range (for which they do still offer an RCA-DIN)

So the thread is about 2 cables:

  • 2x RCA → 5 DIN
  • S-P-DIF (BNC to BNC)

I have narrowed down my choices and would love to hear your thoughts:

  1. Naim DC1 and Chord Chrysalis (i can get both used for a total of about 270€)
  2. Chord Clearway for both (roughly 280€)
  3. Vertere D-FI or Vovox Link Protect for S-P-DIF and Vovox Sonorus 2xRCA to 5 DIN (roughly about 320€)

The Vovox DIN cable has been suggested by my dealer as apparently they work well with Naim gear. I have not found many users here using these, as they are probably not as well known. They do have an excellent reputation also among sound engineers.

Also, is there any benefit of going with both cables from the same lineup? Otherwise i might as well take a combination of the cables listed above to suit my budget / needs.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Conlego,

I have a very healthy respect for the Qutest. My recommendation would be somewhat different:

  1. Buy an SBooster + Ultra II to power the Qutest; and
  2. Pro-tem buy a pair of Blue Jeans coax cables.

In due course I found the Wave Audio spdif to make a positive difference, but it is hardly cheap.


Hi, if you want to get maximum value for your budget I would suggest putting most of your cash into the analogue cable.
The Naim DC1 is a good cable, but it’s expensive, and mine now sits unused as it’s too long, and I’ve found that other well made coax cables at much lower prices give similar performance. I’m currently using a Mark Grant HDX1, and I’ve also had good results with a Gotham cable, and you could buy ten of those for the price of a DC1.

Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback.

The Mark Grand HDX1 series look really good and is sensibly priced. They are also offered in various lengths which is a big benefit. I have already grabbed a used DC1 and may compare it to the Mark Grand cable.

Just out of curiosity: which system do you run with those cables?

Hi, I’m now using the digital cable between NDX2 and Chord Dave (previously Hugo).

Chord clearway for both

Belden 4794R 12G SDI cable from Bluejeans makes a very good SPdif cable, around £40 imported to the UK when I bought one a few years ago, though it’s a bit stiff and you shouldn’t bend it too tightly. I found it vastly preferable to a Chord Clearway on a Chord 2qute, though I wasn’t persuaded by the 2qute in the end the cable nearly rescued it.

Chord Chrysalis is the same cable as Naim Lavender, the cable that comes with a Naim source below 500 series and still a good’n.

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