Interesting 12/160

What’s the story here - anything to do with broadcasting?

I can see the early NAC12 cut out in the top right of the front panel is for a switch - we saw this cut out several months ago on a very early NAC12 with integrated boards.

Interesting to see switches on the front of the 160 as well, labelled ‘speakers’.

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It looks like both items have had some quite heavy modification. The entire back panel of the NAC12 has been replaced by the look of it. And I would guess that the NAP160 modified to run two sets of speakers (switchable).

With the casework mods, they’re probably beyond economic repair to return to original Naim spec.

Do you know the story behind these?

Its listed on an auction site but no info. There are more photos there though. To me it looks authentic but if not then the mods look like they were done a very long time ago.

So definitely not original Naim linked to broadcasting then?

None of the external mods look anything like the sort of thing Naim would use.

OK, thanks. I asked the seller (not that I’m interested in buying them) and got no more detail which is suspicious.

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