Interesting announcement at Linn's 50th

Apparently an interesting announcement a few day’s ago at Linn’s 50th, that Linn are in talks with Naim to produce a limited edition deck. Just checked here and no one’s mentioned it. I’ll give my dealer a call if I get a chance after noon.


What day is it today :thinking:


Good point. Nearly had me fooled

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‘KAPRIL’ the first deck from Linnaim?



It would have been funnier if it was Naim teaming up with Alba or RadioShack.

Actually I take that back. I fix every single thing in the house from RadioShack parts.

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Interesting, so the new Aro arm gets another outing?

Apparently the new deck has a titanium platter and will be called the Titanik.


I think you’ll find it’s a limited edition kassette deck!


Possibly. It would be handy if anyone could ring their dealer for any more info in the next hour, as I’m not sure I can get to a phone atm.


Sorry away on vacation at the moment.

I’ve been on to my dealer and have found out all about it. It will be a limited edition of 100 units, looking exactly like the original deck from ‘73 but with the current bearing etc. It’s even got a prop up lid rather than spring hinges. The best news is that Naim have found enough parts to make 100 of the original ARO while having a tidy-up. To mark the special edition they are black anodised, which should look great. The decks come with an inbuilt all analogue Prefix 2, which is an updated version of the long lost original. The deck will be fitted with an updated Karma cartridge, with a special finish that changes colour with the room temperature, the Karma Kameleon. General orders open at noon today, and as all the decks are ready to go, delivery is within ten days. The price, including power supply, is £12,000, which seems very reasonable. They will doubtless sell out really quickly. I hope you find that helpful.


Thanks HungryHalibut. The red, gold and green has sold it to me. Think I’ll get a second deck.


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Wins the prize.


Hmmmm. I’d heard it was called the Bollox.

That would have to be Bollok.


Wonderful HH – will buy one to go alongside my stuffed Haggis bird.

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The arm doesn’t match the chassis - the armtube needs to have the matching tartan finish too.

I wonder if Linn, as a good Glesca-based concern, will match the tartans to their users’ clans?

Mine is Stewart of AppIn, so may I pre-order a deck and arm finished with that tartan? (It will be a wrench, as it will mean giving up my Solid Sounds Wenge plinth and my greatly cherished ARO.)

I suppose that the profit motive will be to the fore, and that Linn will be charging extra for these lovely new boy’s toys.