Interesting finding with NACA5

Two days ago I received a used nap 200 which I am using with my Uniti Atom. After making up a cable I have been appreciating the gains it has brought to my system. Smoothing the highs, increasing bass quality and generally increasing the impact and dynamics.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I’ll preface by saying that my system never sounds thin. I have nice wholesome mids and a “big” sound.

This morning I decided to tidy up my spare NACA5 cable using the concertina method. Nothing was touching any mains so I though that this should result in better sound. My bias was pointed in the direction of hearing an improvement.

After sitting down to listen to a few songs, what was apparent quickly was that mids were thin. Low bass was there but the big sound was gone. I was turning it down as opposed to creeping the volume up as normal. It sounded brittle and thin like I have never had before. Enough to notice and enough to hinder enjoyment.

I then unclipped the zip ties holding it in its concertina pattern, as this was the only change, and laid the cable out in it’s nice sweeping curve as before.

Problem solved. Fuller mids back, more gentle sounding and no longer thin. The cables will be staying like this.

Does anyone know why this might be? Has anyone else experienced this?

If anyone is experiencing a thin sounding system and uses this cable management method it might be worth trying otherwise.

Picture for reference.


I prefer and have my cable situated in the same manner. I have tried several other layouts but the musicality and sound suffers, long sweeping runs with loops is the best for me, and I guess for you too.


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I honestly didn’t think it would make such a difference.

@334578 just had a look on system pics, yes you have it in the same sweeping run. :+1:t2:

Cable dressing is rather important as you have found out. This does not only apply to speaker cables but power cords as well. I recently discovered that the power cord, in my case a non-Naim cable requires a minimum distance of half an inch (ideally more) from other power cords or power strip for optimal sound performance. Sound quality is affected when the power cord is placed very close to the power strip/conditioner or other cords. I’m not sure if this would be applicable to standard Naim cords or the Powerline though.

Before ;

After ;

My power cords are pretty good. I had considered cable ties to hold a few together for neatness but would you say that is a bad idea? They run side by side anyway, there is no avoiding that. Atom + Nap.

Naim’s N-Sat standmounts came with stands that had metal pins behind which you pushed the speaker cable to keep it tidy. However, they said that leaving the cable free hanging down to the floor could give a small improvement in performance. This is presumably something to do with microphonics, which some Naim designs go to great lengths to mitigate. I’m just guessing that you might be experiencing something similar.

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I find this configuration works well……


I’m getting palpitations.

@Terry i love the glass shelf. Why try to hide the rats nest when you can show it off.


This has been a temporary arrangement for the last 4 years


I understand ‘temporary’ too - my system has been in the wrong room for around that time. I am making some progress to rectifying that this week, though am wary of what negatives the suspended floor in the ‘music room’ will bring to the party vs solid floor in current location. That said the other room will be more symmetrical than open plan which may help.

As good as A5 is, it’s a horrible cable to arrange aesthetically unless you can bury/hide it somewhere between each end!

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I’ve been trying out this recently, I’m currently procrastinating, I intend demoing the nac252 before I decide (I take a long time to decide)

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Sorry, I’m hijacking your thread

I will admit to having my A4 laid out in long loops. My runs are 8 metres - and are ‘too long’ (8 metres was a guess made back in the 80’s and has proved long enough in every room since). So the cables run ‘past’ the speakers then back, in just a single ‘loop’.

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Go for your life.

That looks neat!

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I have a similar arrangement, one big single loop there and back under the sofa. I considered trying the cable tied ‘labyrinth method’ but it seemed a bit unnecessary to me.

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Demoing 252 supercap nap250 ndx2 atc scm40 tomorrow, not sure I ‘ll remember what 282 sounded like though, I’ll have to forget opinions I’ve read on here.


Oooo…that will be a nice system.