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We watch, after the last episode, an ITV documentary called Morse and the final Endeavour. Well worth watching, interviews with the cast, but covering the whole 35 years and a focus on the last episode. So many subtleties that passed me by. Sure it’s on catch up.


Thanks for that. Just sat and watched it. Excellent.


Star Trek Picard - Season 3

Really, really enjoying this for so many reasons.

Cinematic scale, great sfx which work, Patrick Stewart’s acting and his on-screen chemistry with Jonathan Frakes (himself 71 which makes me really feel old), a cackling ‘Ellen DeGeneres’/witchie-poo baddie, silly bits of nostalgia etc.

What really hits home is some extremely human subthreads about relationships/life/mortality, something that wouldn’t really interest me normally, but it seems to have Mrs AC hooked and pre-empting certain dialogue.

Negatives include a character I’ve never really liked in this reboot/branch, and possibly the best advert against cosmetic surgery for one of the older characters I’ve ever seen - just grow old gracefully!


You missed out ‘dis’

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Think I might of mentioned it earlier I really enjoyed The Last of Us. I had no knowledge of the game it’s based on but found it completely entertaining.

We watched the first episode and gave up. Should we try again?

It depends it’s always hard to say what other people think. The first episode was little zombie like and I also thought of turning it off but stuck with it.

Tbh, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. We finished it at the weekend and it’s an OK watch and I’ll probably watch s2 but nothing spesh imo and takes a long time to get to the finishing line. Perhaps it’s me.

Perhaps it is :rofl::rofl:

Polish series: the crime. It’s a Netflix series. Baltic coast scenery.

I seem to recall a scandi series with a similar/same story line but I can’t place it.

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The Bridge? …with Saga?

Don’t think so … I think is was set in Stockholm and it islands. It could be the Sandhamn murders. Both seem to be based on the Viveca Sten novels.

2013 documentary - on iPlayer for the next month -

The final season of Succession is released at the end of this month, can’t wait