Interesting video on Naim/ Linn/ Proac system

I seem to recognize a personal audio system from a member of our forum. Am I wrong?

If it’s on YouTube, why not here?

You will see : Chris and Peter systems, Reckless records London, London Opera and Graham speakers, and a visit to Naim Salisbury factory.

Great program!


Thx FR,

Great Video. I like the travelogue aspect. Love to try those Graham speakers, they are what Tim recommends.


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Yes. a nice trip in UK and discovering all these people and staff. Chris system and room is particularly impressive.

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Thanks for sharing FR. Did anyone recognise the track at the end credits? Shazam doesn’t!

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No sorry. But curious too. Nice track.

It’s a Smiths cover - There is a light that never goes out…

Yup, it is by Grover Anderson possibly? From the pink room album. It is on Tidal.

I follow GHA on instagram. They have some interesting system combinations setup and playing and the shop looks a very nice place to spend some quality time. They also make some small monitors called the Speedsters which look like they could be fun.

I didn’t know they were selling stuff. Thought they were a sort of YouTube channel.

They’re based in Washington State. They stock quite an eclectic mix of kit. Worth a look at their website FR.

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Thanks @Dozey. That’s the one👍🏻

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They make apparently their own turntable. Very nice, it reminds me the Rega P9 I had.

1k without cartridge. They say it’s GHA acoustic research turntable.


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