Interference on one channel SN3

For the past week or so, I’ve had an odd interference noise on the right channel of my SN3 ( not a fault of the speaker as I’ve tried swapping R to L, noise went to the L) - it sounds like paper or, perhaps a better description, felt tearing or ripping; like it’s ‘grumbling’, perhaps. It is not affected by SN3 volume. I’ve checked all cabling, powered off etc, and removed CDP, SC and SLine etc. Rebuilt the Fraim and made cable runs a bit more tidy. No change, only sometimes it’s softer and not as loud. The only thing that has changed in my system is the Linn recently back after being Karouseled. Something there? No idea…

It is not a buzz or hum. Any ideas of a cause or what this sound could mean? The only time I recall it happening before was when when builders were in the flat beneath us - it went when they did. I did wonder if the new tenants down there ( little more than kids) had monkeyed with their consumer box, but I can hardly ask them that…

What happens if you turn the SN3 off, unplug all of the input cables, so cables from your Linn, any CD player, streamer or tuner? So it’s just the SN3 with the speakers connected and the mains lead. Then turn the SN3 on again. Can you hear the noise now?

If you can hear it still and it moves speaker if you swap the speaker cables over at the amplifier end, then it’s a fault in your SN3.

If you can’t hear it, then turn the SN3 off again and connect the cables to one of your sources. Then turn the source and the SN3 on again. Can you hear the noise now? If not then repeat adding cables back like this until you get the noise back again. The problem will be with the last connected source or its cables.



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Thank you David for your very clear description of the procedure.
I shall do so on my next day off - Sunday if I’m lucky.
When I swapped spkr cables, the sound went to the L speaker. I wasn’t very methodical though, so your description of the steps is very helpful.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

…and try headphones


Just got the chance to try it - all inputs out apart from spkr cables and Powerline…noise still there, and changes to L channel when I swap leads…fault with SN3 then? Dammit.

Back to Naim I guess :frowning_face:

Well back to your dealer anyway. But I think it is likely that they will send it back to Salisbury.



Hi,never had tha symptoms that you experienced,however my SN3 is back at Salisbury with what my dealer thinks was a sticking relay,loss of one channel,which was proven by cable switching etc.
I hope you have a better experience than I’ve had so far,they’ve had mine since June 9th,I contacted them by e-mail on July 9th to enquire what progress had been made,unfortunately I’m still awaiting a reply.
The SN3 went down with this fault on March 23rd,just as lockdown kicked in,so am now not far off 4 months without system,I’m not very impressed with Naim at the moment,good luck !

Sorry to hear about yours…hope you get it back soon (my CD2 just returned from Salisbury, went in just before lockdown, so your SN3 may be quicker as they’re back the bench now, thankfully).

At least while mine is away, I’ll have its predecessor XS2 for company. Phew, glad I hadn’t sold it yet.

Yes,you did well to keep it,I must stress,I’m only disappointed with the fact that they haven’t got back in touch to let me know where we’re up to,it’s good to talk ! I’m really looking forward to getting it back,it’s a great piece of kit. Take care.

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