Interior wall finishes

Not being a great fan of plasterboard finishes and wanting to keep the solid walls made of breeze blocks in our basement room

I am now looking for a solid finish similar to this, but with a smoother finish. In some ways it’s a shame that the walls were not done like this at the same time. The floor was done and is quite smooth compared to the entrance walls

Any suggestions on how to approach this in achieving a good finish that does not have to be entirely smooth?

My dealer has similar block work……painted……and could not resist a PF transfer
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Looks like cement render? Any plasterer or general builder should be able to do - otherwise DIY is a perfect way of getting non-smooth finishes!

But whilst rough is better than smooth acoustically, a solid rendered wall may not be the best way to go acoustically unless you’re planning on additional treatments or just a small area.

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I was thinking of doing something like that as well but the block work although professionally done by a local artisan, I would prefer not to see it. I think looking at a block work wall would be a bit depressing as well.

The block work there looks very well done and probably with a purpose to remain exposed

This is why I would prefer this to the plasterboard route.

It will be possible to experiment freely with room treatments for sure due to many missing constraints of a proper living room

You could paint every block a different colour or choose a few colours to paint them either in a repeating pattern or at random.

Google Freudenbrerg Soundtex or Architectural Acoustic Fabrics for some ideas.

Yep, same here. It’d just remind me of my time in the big house …


Yes indeed. Also one of our offices (that I was fortunate enough not to have to work in), had white painted block work walls and several colleagues commented that is was not so nice to be in there compared to the offices on the customer premises.

Maybe some builders on here would have some suggestions @Dan_M, @Stephen_Tate ,………

Thanks in advance

How about those slatted wood acoustic panels……i think they are just put up with grab adhesive?

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K Rend or brick cladding panels :man_shrugging:t3:

Something like that would end up on a finished wall. With this room, I have the freedom to do pretty much anything to it, but in a tasteful way hopefully. The panels you suggest will definitely be looked in to. I will also look into doing some measurements and try to analyse things properly

My wife’s father used to be a mason and she was the one that suggested to finish off with a sand cement render. I think if this is done properly, it could give a very pleasing result to look at and goes some way to preserve the solid wall that will be behind SL2s probably. This can also be simply painted. I like the idea of a rough finish and this has got to be better than plasterboard with gaps behind it. Seeing block work or bricks would not be so pleasing although I must admit, a friend’s house does have exposed brickwork which looks quite nice.

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You have choices of render. Traditional sand and cement render. Or you could go for a Lime render used in older houses. Or there is the modern silicate renders such as K Rend. The silicate renders can be precoloured as well.

Sand and cement render is cheapest and will do a good job. Make sure you get a good plasterer to do it. It’s not the easiest job if you have no experience and alot can go wrong.

Of course you could batten it all out and use acoustic panels and hide all your wires on some walls or have a feature wall.

Concrete blocks painted white looks good too and gives an industrial feel.


Thank you @Dan_M
Very helpful.
Hope that you are ok

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Thanks @Mtuttleb. Got scan results and things aren’t conclusive yet. Having PET scan in about 2 weeks. Staying positive and hoping for the best.

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Simply putting up some quality wooden flooring up on the wall.
I quite like this look.

Acoustic floor to ceiling slated wall panels look nice.


Yes that was also suggested by one of the builders that visited yesterday. I will show it to my wife to see what she thinks. Looks well done!

The last picture look really good

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Sorry to hear that and wishing all the best Dan.

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