'Intermediate' Nait 2

I have seen photos on these pages of a Nait 2, which is not the original Chrome Bumper version, nor the later Olive one.

The front panel (which comprises the whole front fascia) appears to be made from black plastic, with a very brightly illuminated green logo at the top. As such, it seems to straddle the CB and Olive ranges, taking styling cues from each of those ranges. It is unlike any other Naim design that I have seen. Was it a ‘dry run’ used to test the water before Naim switched from CB to Olive?

Can anyone shed light on this?

And my apologies if I am repeating myself, and this has been asked and answered recently. I meant to ask about it a few days ago, and I may actually have done so, but I can’t find anything on the site now.

Thank you.

@Richard.Dane may be able to shed light on this?


It’s a “chrome bumper” NAIT2, short-lived and did rather straddle the chrome bumper and olive looks; still a linished edge to the black sleeve.

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It looks very classy, to my eyes. I imagine that it’s rare, and therefore something of a collector’s item. I’ve never seen anything else from Naim that looks similar.

(Incidentally, my apologies, if you have already answered this for me recently.)

I thought this was quite common? Even I have one :grinning:

Now you’re just rubbing it in!

I’ll just have to make do with my ‘proper Olive’ one in my bedroom system.

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Obviously it is the best looking bit of kit Naim has ever made. :joy:

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Now there, stop it!

Its nice, but can’t help thinking would sound better if the facia were a brown/green colour and that surround was left untouched ? :wink:

Will some kind dealer sell me one of those lovely intermediate Nait 2s, please?

I would probably try to change the volume and select dials for something less industrial looking. Didn’t they use to be called 'tractor wheels"?

Really ? That would spoil some of its charm :open_mouth:

Perhaps an Olive series Nait2 might be less industrial looking. Here’s @Bandit lovely example


Probably easier to find for sale too !


Thank you, James, I have a late model of that very thing in my bedroom, I say ‘late’ because the last models built by Naim have ‘CD’ rather than ‘Aux’ on the selector dial.

Shamefully, it has no source components or 'speakers, so no music is produced. I must see about getting that sorted. What do Members think would be a good source?

A NAT-02 would be a good starting point, but I don’t want the faff of having LPs or CDs in the bedroom, which is two storeys away from where the main system and LPs and CDs are kept. So maybe just the NAT-02? The obvious 'speakers would be Linn Kans or the BBC LS3/5A from which they were derived.

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Go for the best source you can afford for the Nait 2, I use a Nait 2 CB in a second setup with SBLs on the end and an ND5XS2 as source.

For fun I did try a DAVE/MScaler with the Nait2 with surprisingly excellent results :grin:

I"m sorry, but I have no idea what a DAVE/MScaler might be, or what t does.

It sounds a bit digital and scary. I like nice analogue things!

Close…its a bit digital and very scary,

Kans and a Node 2 work very well in a bedroom with a cb Nait 2, I find.

Yes, but please explain what it is, what it does. Show me a picture even.


Thanks, bruss. I had a pair of Kans many years ago, which I had lightly sanded down and carefully revarnished. My elder son purloined. them and still uses them to this day.

I think I’d prefer the LS3/5As, if they are still made. There used to be four or five manufacturers who were licensed by the BBC to produce them. Can anyone give me a steer about where I should look to find a nice new pair? Goodness only knows what they cost these days.

Plenty of ls35a’s out there. I quite like the look of the Falcon but a tad expensive.

Thank you, Bruss. Funnily enough, I had just called Falcon and left a message.