'Intermediate' Nait 2

Many of the rarer or earlier pairs of LS3/5as have ended up overseas. When I sold my own early pair of gold label Rogers, they made strong money and went to Hong Kong;

For a fraction of the same amount you could buy a nice secondhand pair of later 11 ohm LS3/5as from Spendor or Harbeth. You can also still buy new from Falcon.

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I half regret selling a pair of Rogers which needed attention, to a friend who’d been pestering me ( in a nice way) for years. He offered a ridiculously high amount for them knowing their condition and having heard them. I let them go feeling guilty about taking his money, but he was happy.

Thank you, Richard. As I’ve said above, I’m waiting for a call back from Falcon.

Do you suppose that one of Naim’s engineers could knock up a shoebox size CD player for the bedroom Nait2 system that I’m assembling mentally?

The Chord Dave is a high quality DAC all I was trying to do is illustrate how well the Nait2 performs with an exceptional high end source, stick to CD replay if streaming is “scary” or vinyl.

The CB Nait 2 looks the business, I think thats my favorite.
Sounded pretty good with my Royd speakers back then.

Nait 3 and Nait 5’s are good too and go for half the money!

In other words, they come with a year of energy included.

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Nice amps but not as cute as the CB Nait 2 :wink:

Yes, the half size is really great indeed.

It’s a great shame that the ‘shoebox’ style components were dropped from the Naim roster. I’m really looking forward to putting together a ‘bedroom’ system using them.

My only problem then will be to decide what to do with the Tivoli stereo radio. I think that it could fit well in the kitchen.

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