Intermittent drop-out when streaming

Hi - as a new member but a user of some Naim gear for a few years, can I please ask advice about a recent issue? I have an older Qb, a Qb2, an Atom & a Nova. When streaming radio (usually with Qb2 as control - but not always) the streams occasionally suffer momentary drop-outs every few minutes, whatever the source (Qobuz, Tidal, Radio Paradise, BBC). My broadband signal is very strong (60-70mbps) & I have a Netgear Orbi mesh system. Are others experiencing this issue & are there any resolutions, please? All units are up to date re: software & are connected via wifi due to location in the house. (Not sure if the Nova suffers as it is two floors up away from the rest of the ground floor units - so hard to check).

Any thoughts would be very welcome - thanks

Hi, if your network is functioning well it should be able to support 4 devices in a multiroom group. However you need to be sure that coverage is good in all locations. It may be that changing the location of the Orbi satellites will help, and if necessary adding another one to cover any weak signal areas.
Your 1st gen QB has poor WiFi performance compared to the newer models, so make sure this is getting the best possible signal.
Have you tried connecting any of your streamers to an Ethernet port on the nearest Orbi? This may help, especially with the older QB.

I had similar drop outs, although the speed always appeared constant.

Was with BT FTC at the time. They came out numerous times, but always said the speed was fine, which is basically all they checked.

Eventually after about seven or eight visits, they sent an “old sweat” out this time. He was more though and could see that I was getting abnormally high momentary drop drops, that didn’t affect the speed.

He identified a number of issues, including, wrong internal socket fitted by BT, deterioration of the copper cable ends into their cabinet, which needed cutting back and re terminating.

This sorted it out and it was then stable. However, changed over to full fibre with another provider, as BT we’re going to have renew the cable, which goes under the block paving driveway, but only with copper.

So, now get faster speeds, pay less money and stable as a rock.

It would be worth reporting a fault with your provider and get them to not only check your speed, but the number of drop outs you are getting as these will be logged.

Good luck.


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hi - thanks for the useful replies. I will get my provider to check the number of momentary drop-outs (if they will comply) as this seems the most likely problem. I’ll also test different connection options where I can (as I’ve noticed a similar issue with streaming tv at times: message saying ‘no connection’ when there clearly is one, then immediately connecting!). We live in strange times… it’s tempting to return to my first choice of vinyl for most listening.

thanks once again for time & assistance (& reading other threads/subjects is most interesting by the way)

Do you get these dropouts on a single device, or do you only get them when using a multiroom group?
As a test you might consider putting a few music files on a USB drive and attaching it to one of your streamers. Play this (including in multiroom to all the others) and see if the dropouts persist, and this will tell you whether it’s your LAN or your internet connection that is causing dropouts.

Thanks for the advice & sorry for the delay in replying (been away). Tried the tests & dropouts occur both on a single device & also multi-room, but seem to vary in frequency & longevity (depending on time of day/what day/weekend). Seems to suggest to me that my internet connection consistency is the culprit (despite being rural Plusnet: 60 - 70mbps fast fibre - but not to the home). I reckon, as always, it is only as fast (& stable) as the slowest point of connection in the stream. I am hoping to get full fibre in the (near) future, so will see if that helps. Thanks again

Whatever your problem is, it is certainly not your line speed. Audio streams use about a couple of MB, so at 60MB you have lots of headroom. I suspect this is an issue with your home network rather than your internet connection, and that is where you should look to make improvements.


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