Intermittent volume changes on NAC112 and NAP150

I have a NAC 112 and NAP 150 from about 2006/7. I never got them serviced. I didn’t know they needed to be. I now have an issue with the volume varying intermittently during normal playback. I contacted my dealer and he gave me the price of a service and repair of £399 each. That would presumably be for each device. Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to fix it? Should I dispose of the pre and power and buy new or get them repaired and serviced?

The sounds like the volume encoder of the NAC112 has gone faulty. The NAC112 may not be worthwhile repairing as you could probably pick up the superior NAC122x or NAC152x secondhand for similar money to the repair or maybe even less. Or else even look at the next step beyond that, the NAC202. The NAP150 though is well worth keeping and perhaps getting serviced. You could ask someone like Class A, who is an authorised Naim servicer, for a quote.

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Thanks Richard. I got a NAC202 with a HICAP and my NAP150 is currently with Class A. Lots of capacitors replaced! Can’t wait to get it all back and set up again.

Excellent news! That should be a lovely combination and I’m sure Darran will make sure the NAP150 is tip top. It’s a brilliant little power amp that really come into its own when unburdened from having to power a pre-amp.

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