Internal differences - CB250 and Classic 250-2

As above. Does anyone know the differences in components or construction between these two?


Replying to myself I have found this from our own RD on the Olive vs 250-2

“Basically the arrival of the “new” NAP250 in 2002 saw a complete change in just about every area; A new look - the current triptych casework; a much bigger transformer - now 1020VA; completely revised internal layout with lifted resistors, stable hemispheres for close temp matching of componentry, and Naim’s custom 007 transistors throughout for both regulation and power stages.”

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Yup, was about to post the same, but glad you found it.

Note that the extruded case CB NAP250 went through a few notable changes. First, in 1982 the BDY58 transistors were changed to Naim’s own custom-made NA001s. Then in 1984 the 400VA transformer was uprated in line with then-new NAP135 to 500VA.


So… if… I owned a Dec 1985 build CB 250, I would have Naim NA001 power & regulation transistors and the (Holden & Fisher) 500VA transformer… ?

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Yes, exactly.

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Yes, but apart from that …!

It’s an Olive , apart from that it answered my question, being post CB and different to the 250-2. Richard has now added to my knowledge with his CB changes.

Those transformer changes are significant over the years. With the 250.2 at over 1000va !

Indeed, hum tastic. :wink:

There is that. But a huge transformer given the output. But I suppose it is over 2 channels.

The degree of change between the Olive 250 and the Black 250.2, is so large that perhaps using the ‘250’ name was misleading. Its effectively a different beast altogether, albeit of the approximately same configuration - 2 channels & regulated.

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They sound entirely different

How did you find the difference - better in which area?

Sounds like calling it 260 or anything other than 250 would have been helpful here.

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The ‘classic’ CB/Olive 250 was always listed as a 70 watts per channel, into 8 ohms, amplifier. The ‘250’ came from 2 x 125 watts per channel into 4 ohms.

The 250.2 was listed as 85 watts per channel (*). I thinks that is pretty clear.

I can only guess that the ‘heritage’ said it was still a ‘250’…?

The 300 is listed as 90 watts per channel.

(* - Something odd… the present 250 version is listed as 80 watts per channel…?)

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Ok, a bit more info, extracted from my collection of Naim Price Lists over the years… :smirk:

Up until 2002, the 250 was listed as 70 wpc.

In 2005, I find it listed as 85 wpc, up to 2011.

In 2013 it is listed as 80 wpc.

So… is it - BD/CB/Olive 70 wpc, 250.2 85 wpc, 250DR 80 wpc…?

If so, why did the power drop with DR…???

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To make the Nap300dr look better?

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