Internet radio and tidal not working currently

The last 10 minutes my nd555 has refused to connect to internet radio or play from tidal. However my pc works fine so there should be no issues with my internet connection. Am I the only one with this problem?

I’ve been playing Linn Jazz & R.Paradise since 07:00.
I suspect its a local server problem, I’m UK, where are you located

S### !!! it was playing Paradise perfectly OK, then I because of this thread I tried another station & nothing, then back to Paradise & thats now gone missing.
@Stevesky … any buttons you can press?

No radio stations here either…I am in uk.

Me too, in Spain. Perhaps the war’s started. :roll_eyes:


Update tidal works but internet radio dr Danish national radio and bbc radio4 refuses to play.

Yup. No internet radio here, only Naim Radio. I did a factory reset to my NDX 2, still no internet radio.

Phew! I don’t think it’s my player at fault. Tidal plays ok too👍

Alpha Boys’ School Radio no workio, yet Beeb 6 Music is fine, and Tidal works perfectly.

Most strange.

I no longer have internet radio (in france) on my 272 either…

Same issue in France

OK, paging @Stevesky

Same here in Ireland, no internet radio. Luckily didnt spend too much time messing around before looking here

Like this forum saves me fiddling for no reason! I can get 2 radio stations that’s it! Let’s hope it sorts itself out!

I updated my NDX2 this week, and now radio is not working. Airplay and all other inputs work fine

Wow! And I thought my ND5XS2 had problems. Was about to do a full reset until I saw this thread. Good thing we have this community. :+1:

All OK now, all the Paradise’s, BBC’s, Naims & Linns back on

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Great. All working fine again :+1:

Alpha Boys’ School back to normal … … … someone’s obviously stuck another shilling in’t meter.

It’s ok… :sunglasses:

Back in business :+1:

That pesky Putin…