Internet radio frequent stops on UQ2

Ok, this is not a new problem and i don’t know if is device (client) related or radio station problem (server).
Here my experience:
Radio paradise works as alarm clock at 8.00 every morning and never have stop problems for about half an hour. Later in the day and quite frequently if i manually select Radio Paradise and another one station that i like i have about 3 minutes uninterrupted playback then it needs reconnect in order to continue and the story goes on. Most of time this is the case with internet radio.
So, can i do something to fix this problem?
New generation of streamers avoids this particular problem? (i need a reason to upgrade :grinning:)

My first thought is to shut down EVERYTHING, then reboot, starting with your router. Once that’s restarted, turn on each wifi access point (if you have any additional to your router), then once they’ve all restarted, finally turn on your UQ2.
It works for me and it’s something I find I have to do once or twice a year with my own setup.

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