Internet radio - interruptions

Now I’m baffled… and need some pointers.

Noticed odd behaviour on iRadio (mostly Radio Paradise 320 kbs stream and Naim 320kbs stream):

  • Stream starts, but no sound.
  • When it eventually gets going, interruptions are frequent
  • Buffer is at an unusually low level too.

Streamers: SuperUniti, NDX, NDS

Network: ISP modem (wifi off) > Apple Airport Extreme (DHCP and NAT mode) > Cisco Gigabit switch > fully wired CAT 6 network, all streamers, NAS and UnitiServe SSD connected by streaming cables.

What has changed: 2 weeks ago a new modem was installed, to cope with a 300 mbs broadband.

Note: interruptions started 2 days ago. The new modem has worked fine. Download speed is stable, ping: 18 ms, jitter: 3 ms.
Other streaming services - Netflix, HBO Go and lower rate iRadio stations work OK

Am I missing something?


Short update:

Decided to re-set the modem and the switch.
This seems to have helped.


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