Internet Radio is not playing

Hi everybody, since 24h internet radio station are not playing (all stations) on Uniti and on all my Qb’s. They are “connecting…” but nothing happens. A reset did not solve it. Can someone help?
Thank you. Joël.

All OK in UK, I expect it’s your local server that’s down.
Where are you?

Hi Mike, I’m in Belgium. But Naim Radio or Radio Paradise are not working neither.

Tidal is working fine on my Naim devices.

Bonsoir Joel1
OK, I still think it’s most likely the local vTuner server that’s off line.
Tidal is a separate system & server.

OK Mike, thanks. I’m not very familiar with a vTuner. Who needs to do what to make my vTuner server run again? Still no internet radio (2 days now).

Copying @Stevesky in here, as font of all internet radio knowledge!

Hi again Joel1, vTuner is the web radio service that Naim use.
Thanks Clare, all will be sorted with Stevesky on the case

Hi @Joel1

I’ve checked the uptime stats and the priamry VTuner server has been responding fine. See:

We run 2 servers (primary, backup) so even if primary is down the products temporarily switch to backup.

a few diagnostics tests:

  1. See if you can browse to:
    This should show a webpage allowing users to add stations that are not in the database. It’s hosted on the same server.

  2. Go to your computers command shell (cmd on PC, Terminal on Mac). Do a tracert It should resolve to It may show that a network link is down between your ISP and the final server used for VTuner. Here is mine from where it leaves London and hops over to USA:

    9 17 ms 15 ms 35 ms []
    10 95 ms 96 ms 99 ms []
    11 107 ms 106 ms 96 ms []
    12 94 ms 131 ms 103 ms []
    13 117 ms 110 ms 185 ms []
    14 122 ms 127 ms 128 ms []
    15 125 ms 132 ms 132 ms []
    16 123 ms 134 ms 123 ms []
    17 136 ms 129 ms 131 ms
    18 * * * Request timed out.
    19 * * * Request timed out.
    20 132 ms 129 ms 123 ms []

If that doesn’t help please raise a ticket with our helpdesk who can run a network scan with your assistance and hopefully will focus the issue in.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi Steve, thanks for your quick answer. It now works again on all my devices!! I didn’t do anything.
Not sure if the vTuner was dead but for sure it is now alive (Schrödinger’s cat?).
Thank you! Joël.

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