Internet radio local station support


Is this the place to report on station streams that stopped working with Naim Muso family? Or send email to Naim support?

One of my local stations stream is no longer available with no error message. It just doesn’t play, no buffering or anything.

The same station is available in tunein and works ok.


The official channel is through Naim support via phone or email, although if you post details of the station here you may also get a response from @Stevesky.

You could also approach the station and ask them why you can get it to work with Tunein but not vTuner.

Thank you for the tips. I actually forgot Naim internet radio is via vtuner, I checked the station (The beat 92.5 Montreal) via and it doesn’t work neither. I contacted the station with no response hence why I thought checking here.

I think it may be working again.
VTuner is now responding although I am out of area to play the station.

Sadly still not, neither in vtuner or in any of my Muso. My HomePod mini do play it via tunein so it’s ok.

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