Internet radio not connecting, ND5 XS

Internet radio will not connect on my ND5 XS. I did a restart of the ND5 XS and of the modem router. Tidal works fine, so the ND5 XS is connected to the network and Internet. But, Internet radio will not connect.

Any suggestions?

I’ve got the same issue on my NDS. There was a Naim App update yesterday but not sure if it’s related because I have had radio working since then, definitely no stations are connecting now though.

Anyone else having an issue?

It’s a vtuner server issue, it happens now and again, normally returns after a few hours

I have exactly the same issue on my NDX555 streamer. Internet works fine but no internet radio station available since this morning. Switched the equipment on / off, did not help and solve the issue.

Same issue here…streaming Tidal is ok, so no issue with connectivity. ND555, Muso (Gen2) and Qb (Gen1) do not play radio this morning. Strangely, my other Qb (Gen1) does. Both Qb’s say firmware is up to date.

#Me too (NDX 2, muso QB‘s)

Yes it looks like a vTuner problem, my NDX won’t connect. UK 07:00 GMT

So it’s a known (“vtuner server”) issue. I expect NAIM will address it and prevent any further occurrence? Hmmm?

Heartbroken that I can’t listen to the “Religious Propaganda For Today” slot and the “Today” team on R4 interrupting politicians as I shave…

I also have this problem since this morning. Naim starts to tire with these problems …

Same here - Muso, in France, iradio wasn’t working… but it is now.

My iRadio is back - all preset stations are OK & all others I checked from general browsing

And if it is the server and not the product , it makes me glad that I got my old NAT 03 out yesterday (working fine - after a 15 year lay off)

Sadly my Magnum Dynalab tube tuner has started making very loud pops. So will have a think.

Vtuner isn’t run by Naim so they can’t “address it and prevent further occurrence”. Having said that, if there is a vtuner issue then Naim do reach out to the vtuner guys to make sure that they are on the case.



Me too, ND5XS

Internet radio was working again this morning when I got up. It must have been a Vtuner issue. Thanks for all the replies!

Hi Gents,

We were looking at this earlier and this appeared to be an internet backbone issue to get to where the servers are in the USA.

The VTuner servers were up and running, but depending on where you lived, there may of been a routing issue to the servers. Unfortunately one of the perils of the internet is that there are a lot of providers and systems between your hifi and the server and it’s not 100% guaranteed up time.


Steve Harris
Software Director

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… and there it goes again …

It’s working for me OK
Last evening around midnight it had a few moments of 5 to 30 seconds off, but this morning is OK

Ok here Bristol UK.

Yes vtuner was down in the morning here yesterday. My Bluesound that uses another service I have forgotten witch one worked fine. Saying that this happens often what was suggested in a few comments is simply wrong! I have used vtuner since 2011 as my main radio source and having the service down for 2 hours has not happened before.