Internet radio not connecting, ND5 XS

Gone again?

Nothing’s available here. No Archers catchup. It’s rather irritating.

I’ts working OK for me - all the BBC’s, Paradise’s, Naim & Linn

Yep I’m back up

Hmm. It’s fine on the UQ2, but not the Qb.

Hi All,

Today VTuner did a detailed investigation and overall the servers are running fine and lots of naim customers are accessing it. Here are some usage graphs from the last 3 days:

That represents transactions per second, so its constantly busy with around 20 customers/sec browsing or doing stuff like using radio presets. The peaks are pretty normal as there are well over 100000 Naim units that can use this server.

Remember, VTuner just provide the directory of stations that then links to the radio stations systems - they do not physically broadcast the stations. So it could be a case that a given radio station/radio group are having problems with their content delivery system.

Our customer support team are there to advice if you need further help.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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