Internet radio on Windows devices

I have been searching in vain for a Windows web site or app that provides the same kind of comprehensive (international, sortable by location and genre) access to internet radio as I get from my 2 Naim systems (Uniti Star, Uniti Nova) and the Naim app. Anyone have recommendations? Many thanks.

How about TuneIn in the Windows store?

Access to some international stations is blocked in the UK, but you might use a VPN?

Radio Garden?

Funny thing, Stokie. I looked at TuneIn yesterday and wrote it off. But your note has prompted me to revisit and, sure enough, it has outstanding international scope accessible through “Browse/By country”. The genre access lacks “classical” (I’m 99.9% classical) but I can live with that as the search for station name works well. Interestingly, when I scroll way down in the “Browse” feature there is a button “Explore…Classical Music” but, when I hit it, the app errors out 100% of the time.
Anyway, this will work. Many thanks.


Glad this is some use. I know many German and a few French stations stream. I know it’s not as convenient as an app, but searching for German Classical Music Internet Radio will give you some.

You could also use your Naim app to find stations you like and then Google them to see if they have an internet stream.

Good luck!

Have you tried using the vTuner website to playback radio on your PC?

As a bit of fun have you tried It gives you a map if the world and you zoom in on a radio stations location

I had not, XMB. This looks like an outstanding source. A number of the links do not work but I assume that some of them only schedule certain hours. Regardless, I’ve been tooling around a bit and having a fine time…a keeper for sure. Thanks very much!

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Yes, GadgetMan, I checked this out yesterday but put it aside because no way to filter contents by genre. BUT I’m now listening to “Moov’n hits la radio” in Montceau-les-Mines France and listening to the wildest droning pop whatever (sitar-like sounds). This may open my semi-closed mind a bit (smiley).

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