Internet radio stations

I am sure that I ought to know more about finding internet radio stations from some of the previous learned postings on this forum, but I never quite manage to follow them. I would like to get the following on my UniitiLite and Mk 1 Qb’s and Mu-So.

Chamber Music

They are both streams from YourClassical. I have found the primary YourClassical stream on the app (together with the Concert Band stream), but not the 2 streams that I want.

All help and advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

Have a read here.

Basically, you can check if it’s already listed, and add it if not.

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Interesting, thank you, robert_h.
When I navigated to Added Stations on the app, I did not see any message about adding radio stations. When I went to, I was prompted to enter either or both of (I don’t know which) a Member Login email address/pwd and a vTuner MAC address. I am not aware that I am a Member nor of whether I have a vTuner MAC address (or, if I do, of how to find it).
Oh, the trials and tribulations wreaked by the technical illiterati!

You just need to create a login on vTuner using your email address, then find the MAC address of your streamer and add that to it. You can find the MAC address in the Naim app in Settings > Input Settings > Internet Radio.

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Thanks ChrisSU, I think I am getting there very slowly.

I struggled to find a way to create a login on vTuner until I stumbled upon a Forum post on 29 September 2018 by osprey who gave the following address (Thanks, osprey!):

I couldn’t find the MAC address of my streaming device through the Naim app but managed to do so through my Net Analyser app. And I have succeeded in adding one of the stations to the Added Stations list for one of my Qbs. However, it doesn’t appear in the Added Stations list for my other 3 devices. I guess that’s because they have different MAC addresses and I shall have to do each one separately???

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Unfortunately the login uses the streamer MAC address and is unique to that device. You can either repeat the process separately for each device or use multiroom to send the stream to other players.


Helpful again, thank you, ChrisSU

I am 75% there. I duly repeated the process separately for each device and succeeded in adding the station to the Added Stations list for all 4 devices. BUT it will only play on 3 of them (the 2 Qb’s and the Mu-so) and not on the 4th (the UnitiLite).

Any ideas anyone?

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Would @Stevesky or any of the other Naim staff be able to help me here?

Hi @Rogert366

I see you are adding https links. If your Unitilite is on firmware older than v4.8 it may have issues.

However, try removing the ‘s’ off the https. For example:
goes to:



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Thank you very much, @Stevesky

Your advice gave me the impetus that I needed (as a non Tidal user) to update from 4.7 to 4.8 which was (pleasingly) uneventful apart from the “.NET Framework v2.0” issue highlighted by others on the Forum. I duly followed the advice from @WeekendWarrior (many thanks) and others about Control Panel/ Programs and Features/Turn Windows features On or Off.

I assume that others, like me, already had “.NET Framework 4.8 Advanced Services” enabled. Is it wise to now disable v2.0 or just to leave sleeping dogs lie?

And, to get back to the original point, my Added Station duly worked on the UnitiLite. Thanks again.


I talk to the wind in MQA on Radio Paradise is something marvellous!

And I suspect, Maupas54, that you added it with rather less fuss than I did mine!

Hi Rogert366, if you mean Radio Paradise, I didn’t have to add it because I use BluOS where it is among the radios proposed by default.

Oh, right!

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