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Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in another post, I am new to the Muso Qb - just bought it yesterday. There were a few problems which I managed to solve with some help from this forum.

I’ve come across another problem. The internet radio facility has 5 stations by default and that’s it!!!

When I select the Internet Radio icon on the App on my iPhone, it takes me to a screen with nothing on it. I am attaching a screen shot.

It’s totally blank except for a search facility. There are no other stations. The search does nothing. A friend of mine who also owns the Qb tells me there should be a list of thousands of stations.

I’m in Melbourne, Australia. My friend is in another country. What is the problem?

That’s not good. This is my home screen in NL. Behind the folders there are indeed thousands of stations.

Have you tried resetting and/or uninstall and reinstall the Naim app?

My Qb shows a similar (UK version) of what @KVC has posted. It might be worth uninstalling and re-installing the app as @elverdiblanco suggests. If that doesn’t work, you could try resetting the Muso (use the resetting tool to push the pin-hole button for > 6 seconds and let it reboot) and perhaps connecting it with a wire, at least as a temporary measure to rule out wireless issues. If you still get no joy, it might be time to contact the seller and/or Naim.


Hello everyone,

Thanks for helping out.

I stopped the DLNA Servers I have on my network and almost immediately all internet radio stations were available. Never though DLNA can be such an issue! After that I turned on the DLNA Servers again. This time I found no problems with my network and all the features on the Muso seem to work as advertised :grin:. No reset was required, though I suppose each setup is different and some may require a reset.

I’ve been switching between internet radio and DLNA many times and so far things are stable. Hopefully, that’s cured all the problems.

Thanks again.

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