Internet Radio stops Streaming after Several Hours

Hi I just got my system installed by the dealer yesterday. In order to break everything in, I am using internet radio via my ND5XS2. Hard wired via Ethernet.

I find it disconnects every 4-5 hours and then I have to restart streaming.

I am new yo streaming. Is that normal? Could it be weather related? Bad storms on NYC.

Certainly not normal. A lot of us here will play music 24x7 when burning in various HiFi elements.

Are the stop times the same time of the day?
Is the device on the latest Firmware? Whether it is or not, shutdown the ND5XS2, and actually physically remove the mains plug, and leave off for a few minutes, then retest (yes I know this sounds nonsense, but it has solved many unexplained issues in the past). If it still does it, power off the ND5XS2 again, then power off the router, leave 2 minutes, switch on the router, wait 5 mins, then power on the ND5 and retest.

@GadgetMan it might have had to do with the horrendous rain yesterday in nyc. Today I am streaming internet radio without interruption.

Ah, of course - seeing terrible pictures of what’s happening. Hope you are your family are safe

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