Internet Radio Too Slow/Too Fast

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Hi Everyone, next episode in the Streaming Issues of Belgian Radiostations Studio Brussel(s) and MNM.

@Stevensky, thanks for your valuable answer Nov’21 spotting the streaming issues at the streaming provider. I complained again at the VRT (Belgian Radio and Television) because things have gone worse again. The VRT told me the problem is with their streaming provider (indeed). They are very interested in your answer and they would like to get in contact with you - can we do this?

Of course you should not compensate for the lack of knowledge in other companies, but then again it would help a lot of us to get rid of the irritating too slow/too fast issues on our favourite radio stations. The VRT us getting a lot of complaints and they are keen to get this solved.

Thanks in advance, Steve. Let me know how the VRT could get in contact with you - if that is OK for you.


You meant @Stevesky !

Right. #Stevesky. Thanks.

So happy to read this. It’s driving me mad•••

Happy to read that I’m not the only one … used to listen to StuBru for many, many years but this is driving me nuts

Hi @Joel1, @Klout10

Although its a radio provider issue, I’ve been doing various listening to Belgium based broadcasts like Stubru and I’m not getting any speed observation. However, I also don’t get any adverts injected either. It’s almost like streams received inside Belgium are different to international.

Can you clarify the stations being listened to and when playing the format it claims to be using (MP3, AAC etc).



Thank you so much @Stevesky

Please find below the stream that I’m talking about - last weekend, I did not listen a lot, currently I hear no issues …

This is the right station, Steve. The problem is intermittent. Still very present here. Music seems to jump from time to time like it has to catch-up again with the streaming speed.
Sometimes it plays well, sometimes it 'jumps" 1x during a song, sometimes it ‘jumps’ 5x during a song.

Hi Guys, Thxs. I’ll set up some test links in ‘Naim’s Choice’ and see if it makes a difference.



Thanks @Stevesky, in the meantime, enjoy the music :wink:

Hi @Klout10 @Joel1

In Naim’s Choice I’ve added “Stu-Bru AAC”. Its the AAC 128K variant of this stream.

See if that is better…



I hope you’re on a good overtime rate, Steve :grinning:

I’m listening right now and no issues here, thanks again @Stevesky!

@ChrisSU - they pay me in DIN plugs :slight_smile:

@Klout10 - if the AAC streams seem to be good, I’ll ask VTuner to update their directory to use them. Lets give it a couple of weeks though…




Thanks Steve, will do!

Just for info: Belgian VRT acknowledges again the issue and pretend “they’re working on it”

Still not heard any issues with the AAC stream here :+1:

For info. Since 2 weeks now the issue seems to have disappeared on the original StuBru steam also (MP3 44,1kHz, 128kbit/s). At least from my side. Or VRT has solved it, or the problem will reappear later again. Difficult to problem grasp, it seems.

Difficult problem to grasp, I mean.