Interpreting forum stats? 🤯

A glimpse of my account shows the following:

I’m wondering how to interpret these statistics? For example, do these people share the same musical tastes as your own/opinions? Would you like to meet those in your list in real life? :flushed:

Other than that the stats tell you how many ‘likes’ you’ve received you can tell nothing! Some people are very free with their likes, others issue them sparingly if at all. It doesn’t mean the first group like what you’ve posted more than the second (though perhaps a like from the second group may mean more than a like from the first). If you want to explore that, maybe see how many likes different people issue.

And it may be nothing to do with liking you as a person- after all, people’s forum persona may or may not reflect their real life persona, or may only in part. It simply means that something that you posted, or part of something you posted, triggered one of the liker’s criteria for issuing a like! They may or may not have the same musical taste as you, likewise opinions on various subjects.

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It’s interesting that your profile is completely indifferent to mine:

Interesting, but could mean anything! It might be as simple as reflecting different threads we’ve posted in.


There is always a bit of herd mentality on online forums, many people will instinctively upvote certain content (Fraim photos) or music (David Bowie, Led Zeppelin etc), or certain expressed sentiments (vinyl is better!). This is similar to how people support certain sports teams and is quite normal for forums i guess.

In these cases giving likes is often more about self validation or showing team colors than it is about validating the original poster.

Ofcourse sometimes people genuinely like something that another poster wrote, or thought it was especially interesting, insightful or educational. But in my estimate this accounts for a relatively small portion of the total amount of likes given on the forums.

Generally speaking, if you gather a lot of likes, chances are you are simply posting things that are relatively generic, easily digestible and non-controversial.


Think it just means we share some tastes in music and sometimes comments. Don’t think you should read to much into it. Some don’t use likes at all.


Looks like I’m @Innocent_Bystander‘s top fan……


Everyone needs a fan. :grin:

I’m probably too generous with my likes, but I don’t exceed the limit like @Pete_the_painter ……

There are a few notable forum characters who don’t seem to have a like button :roll_eyes:


I can’t help if I like a lot of f things. The music thread sucks a lot up.

Yes there’s a few that won’t hit the like button no matter what, some won’t even acknowledge a reply.


I tend to like any album which I know and like/love, and anything that I don’t know, but sounds interesting that I might have a listen to at some point. You’ve been playing a lot of music I’m fond of, and your burst of metal albums reminded me of my teens.


It helps that I still think I’m under 30. :grin:


That does seem kind of fishy yes :thinking:


I must get some out when I’m home alone, should help burning in the 250……


Maybe it’s time to start that long overdue metal and rock thread too? :metal:

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I played a couple, and realised painfully that head banging in your 50s tends to lead to neck and back pains that didn’t happen 40 years ago.


I’m in.

I read lots of posts and like many of them but rarely remember to click the ‘like’ symbol. It must be an age thing. I’ll now start to ‘like’ posts in the proper way!

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Yes Andrew, its an age thing for sure.
‘Likes’ are all a bit too juvenile twitterface for an ol’ codger like me.
I only use a ‘like’ to acknowledge an exchange of posts &/or that I agree with a post I’m involved with.


I’ve no idea how to find who has given my ramblings any likes, but I’ve discovered that I have given 12 likes so far this year. Looking at them again I suspect that the majority were mistakes as I can’t see any reason I’d have liked them. It’s quite easy to press like when scrolling down, but I usually manage to remove them again.