Interruptions at start of a new track

I have a problem with streaming via the ND5 XS2. Can anyone help?

The problem:

  1. After one or more good tracks the music is constantly interrupted, mostly till the end of the track.
  2. Most times the next track wil play flawless, or in some cases the stream is stopped completely.

What I observed until now:

  1. The problem is the most with streaming via Qobuz, in a rare occasion I heard it also via streaming from my NAS. I never heard it via Internetradio, Airplay or Bluetooth.
  2. At the moment the stream get interrupted the app is not as responsive as before. It is not possible to stop the track, it is most times not possible to view the playlist anymore. Sometimes it is impossible to get a connection via te app with the streamer. After a new track is played the app is also responsive again.

A bit more detail about how you have your ND5 XS2 connected to your network (wired, wireless etc) and your general network setup would help.

I use Qobuz with my NAS and a NDX2 for several years now and have not experienced any of they problems that you describe. Perhaps a forum member with a ND5XS2 can comment if they are experiencing the problem. Have you contacted support to see if there is any known problem?

I recently cancelled my Qobuz subscription as a result of a similar intermittent issue. When I was in touch with the Qobuz help desk they said this is an issue that they were aware of for some users. They took my network details and said they were working on it, but unfortunately they weren’t able to fix it. I hope they can get it sorted for you though, I’d definitely try to contact Qobuz.

The ND5 is connected via a wired connection to a switch. The switch (Unify switch 8) is connected to a router/modem (Fritzbox 7590) which on his turn is connected to the fiber network of the internet provider.

I have already contacted Qobuz. Although they are willing to help they asked if I can isolate the problem to Qobuz. That is the reason I post my problem here. Maybe other users have similar problems with Qobuz, or other streaming options.

Good luck @Wim1976! It was easier for me to isolate to Qobuz as I had other Naim devices on a wired network. A first gen Mu-so (with no Qobuz functionality) would stream high res files perfectly at the same time as Qobuz on my ND555 would be stuttering, all via the same switch. Also streaming iPlayer, Netflix etc without interruption or noticeable degradation in quality pointed to something messing with the Qobuz feed. Of course, there are so many processes going on between Qobuz’s servers and my home that it’s probably practically impossible to troubleshoot every situation, but in the end, as it wasn’t working properly, it had to go. Shame, as it’s a good service when it works.

It seems I can isolate it to Qobuz also, but only Qobuz in combination with Naim. Using Qobuz with Bluesound plays flawlessly.

Hi Wim, I am having also from time to time issues with Qobuz and my Star. After a few weeks of normal playing I get interruptions at the beginning of a Hires track, the app then isn’t responding as I am used to be. Playing from my Nas with Hires files is fine and Qobuz with Bluesound never had any problems. For me the remedy with my Star and Qobuz Hires is to shutdown the Star and boot again and everything is fine again for a couple of weeks! I can’t put my finger on it what is causing this, perhaps a flaw in the software, but I am not sure!

I’ve had a weird “corner case” failure with Airplay and my Nova for the past year or so. My network includes Ubiqiti switches and access points, but an ISP fibre modem / router.

I upgraded my internet service a week or two ago, and received a new router… and chaos ensued as I tried to re-adopt my Ubiquiti gear.

The thing that may be relevant to your situation is that sometimes, even in very simple networks, the Ubiqiti RSTP/STP setting, which helps prevent traffic errors in cases where there is a loop in the network, can block ports that should not be blocked. I was able to see this when I stripped things down to just the router, one switch, and the Synology NAS running the Ubiquiti controller.

You can try disabling the checkbox for RSTP in the global settings page for your switches.

When I did this, network performance returned to optimal and, as a bonus, the Nova remains available as an Airplay client instead of disappearing after a random number of minutes.

Google on “port blocking for no reason” to find some of the stuff I read to help understand and resolve my situation. Intermittent failures are super hard to track down and solve. I hope this is useful for you! Good luck.

Thanks for your reply. But in my case it doesn’t solve the problem. Due to the issues I am listening now via Qobuz App in combination with chromecast. This works, but it feels as a bypass. A bypass that should not be needed.

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