Introducing Mu-so Wood Edition

Please post photos when it happens! :slight_smile:

Muso sadly not on my list of things to purchase. New bathroom; large amount of exterior painting; new integrated amp and then… a QB for the bedroom.


Well indeed. As I say, ripe for parody.

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Is your dog in the habit of chewing your speakers Mike?

There was a concerted attempt as a puppy :slight_smile:

Agree, and one needs to consider that the Mu-so is a lifestyle product targeted primarily at people who don’t see the need for a pile of black boxes shouting “look at me”.

Interesting. I’ve never felt that a description which might apply to Naim boxes.

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Looks good and to have an option other than black…nicely done.

I would like to see it with other front panel cover colours too. I guess that is an option?

The image shows the unit to be quite pale, maybe a darker cover panel to offset the general feel.

The front grilles are interchangeable across the range - most retailers stock a selection


Unfortunately, there’s a system on every floor already!! Oh well, will probably wait for Muso-1 to breakdown :slight_smile:

I’ve been told by my dealer that it comes today with a free woodpecker.


Well let’s hope it’s not plugged into the mains…

Do you still get the electric ‘tingle’ that you get from running your fingers over the metal encased original MuSo 2?

Depends; it’s something usually felt more with the figure 8 lead one way round than the other, and some are more prone to it than others. It’s a bit like many TVs in that way.

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