Hello everyone.
My name is Craig. I’ve recently taken delivery of a Supernait 2 to compliment a ND5xs and B&W 704’s. Cables are Chord Cobra Plus and Auditorium 23. Waiting in the wings is a Well Tempered Amadeus GT - Dynavector combo. By waiting I mean waiting for some appropriate shelving/ furniture to accomodate it all at the same time.
I was first bitten by this Hi Fi bug in 1989 and have had great fun with it over the years.
While always being intrigued by Naim, for many reasons it’s taken me until this year to finally make the move.
And what do I think? The ND5xs is the first digital source I’ve owned that sounds relatively organic. This prompted me to ( in my wish to get back to less boxes and cables) invest in the SN2. And I am a very happy listener. I’m back to Music First. It’s almost like going full circle back to that first Hi Fi amp and speakers I bought in 89, but better. That first time I heard the music. I’m hearing that music again.
So I hope at times to be able to contribute to this community and am very happy to be here.


Welcome, Craig!

Welcome aboard Craig
Sure you will be very happy with your setup

Welcome Craig, I’ve just got a SN2 and really loving it. It will be a lovely match with the ND5 XS. Enjoy, it really packs a punch.

Welcome Craig … that’s some journey. Thanks for sharing it - you’ll find some like minded folk here.

Welcome Craig, I was in same boat as you a couple of years ago. Different set up to you but bought Naim and been hooked ever since. This forum is a great and friendly place.

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Welcome to the forum Craig!

A few years ago I started with a ND5 XS with a Nait XS 2 and currently have a NDX 2 with a SuperNait 2 along with Naim NAC A5 speaker cables and NAIM Ovator S-400 speakers.

A lot of great advise from forum members regarding system components and set-up and who also let me know that the search feature on the forum and the old forum archives leads to a treasure trove of information.

Look forward to reading about your Naim journey…


Thanks for the welcome everyone. Well yes the journey has taken another twist. I’m a two and a half hour drive from my favourite Hi Fi dealer so while I was up there today paying for the speaker cable, I thought to bring two pairs of speakers back for a listen.
ProAc DT8’s and Spendor A4’s. My trusty 704’s have been telling me they are not an ideal match with the rest of the system anymore.
I really wanted the ProAcs to work but they just don’t like my smallish listening area. Too much room boom.
Enter the wee A4’s. And they are beautiful. Lush musical mids. Delicate yet detailed highs and easily enough bass for my liking.
I’ve always had a soft spot for well balanced two way speakers and these are certainly that.
Also I think the Naim Spendor synergy is at work.
So, out with the B&W 704’s and in with the Spendor A4’s.
The music is in the midrange.


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