Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


It’s about time you caught up, Chris. I was beginning to wonder where you were. Football thread certainly wouldn’t the same without you.




How does the horse sound on Naim fraim chips?


You have my sympathies , moving is stressful. We have only moved twice, once to America, Detroit, and then back. We sold our uk house just before we got back and Ford put us up in their accommodation in Brentwood, while we found a new house. They paid for everything including packing. We will move and downsize at some point…not looking forward to that.


I fear we lost also some prominent members of the old forum, or I just missed to see them. That’s a huge pity, and could be avoided with a proper migration of the accounts and the principles. Hope these people will return…


No sign of our famished fish. Any other significant casualties?

(I’m still here, just slimmed down by the forced omission of a space.)


I see the ravenous halibut is splashing around in that very appropriately named ‘plaice’, the Pink Fish Media forum.


Come on Mike - alliteration only please!


Howz-about half-starved, hoggish, Hippoglossus hippoglossus


Don’t think I’ve seen Polarbear or Mr Underhill make an appearance as yet.


What about Mick P ?


A first post for me even though I belonged to the old forum very briefly having joined only a week before its demise!

My forum name is not my real name (obviously). I used to be an advocate of real names but, having had a couple of problems over the years, I have chosen one based on my initials and the answer to life, the universe and everything.

My avatar is a picture of person I greatly admire both as a composer and as a man: Ralph Vaughan Williams.

I have recently joined the Naim fold after acquiring a Nova and Core. I am desperately trying to adopt a “good enough” approach and avoid creeping upgrade. Space, budget and spousal approval will help me keep to the straight and narrow but I am open to “minor” tweaks to get the best from the boxes.

I started back at a low level many years ago (Teleton 307 anyone?) and a Dual TT.Gradually worked up to the not very heady heights of an Arcam Delta amp, power amp and CD player with Ruark speakers and an LP12 Lingo. And there it sat for 25 years, not getting used a great deal and with me saying “I really must do something about it” especially as most of my time was spent listening to an Arcam Solo with some Monitor Audio RS1 Silver speakers.

Finally in November and, after doing some research, I took the plunge. Very good dealer - went in with the intention of an Atom or Star, came out with a Nova. :slight_smile: Funnily enough he had sold me my LP12 from a completely different store 25 years earlier.

Cutting a long story short. Very happy with my Nova, Core, newly serviced LP12 Lingo and rediscovering lots of music including my vinyl collection. Room is hopeless and the speakers have to be on 40" stands (yes - you did read that right). Speakers have been interesting - I ditched the Ruarks which I never really liked, thought about keeping the Monitor Audio but, just for a laugh, I connected up some speajkers I had lying around from 40 years ago. One had been used as a bedside table for the last 20 years and the other was lurking in the attic. What a revelation! A friend of mine who is “into” hifi was bowled over by them. What are they? - A pair of B&W DM4s. Absolutely cracking speakers. The dealer is keen for me to try the B&W 707 S2 and I will have them for a home demo at some point with some others. But they are going to have be pretty darn good…

Sorry for the essay.


I think they have registered but not posted anything yet




I’m using a pair of 707 S2’s with my Nova and I heartily recommend you give them a try. They are quite astonishing for their size & cost. They obviously have limits but review very well. And they look fab. I have found them quite difficult to position to get the absolute best out of them but once you find the sweet spot, do what I’ve done and put marking tape on the floor (especially as I have to put mine away once I’m done listening).


It wasn’t an essay, it was your naim story and was a very interesting read, thank you for sharing it, and welcome.


Thank you for the welcome and also to Geoff.

I will certainly be trying the 707 S2s at some point although I do not have much room for movement if they are very sensitive to positioning.


Ah, that’s reassuring. Thank you osprey.


I do hope that Doug (Florestan) returns back. His vast knowledge and enthusiasm is dearly missed in the Music Room.


HH posts were much less after just before and after new year perhaps a coincidence with resolutions etc. But yes he is posting still, so good luck to him.


Did Bob the Builder makes it over from the other side. Haven’t seen him posting as yet?

Great to see most of the usual helpful ‘faces’ are here.


Yes we have bob the builder and peter the painter, the latter being new to me, so it’s all moving forward?