Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


gazza, it is peppa pig, Bob the builder and Peter the rabbit these days. I have forbidden Sam the fireman.


I saw our favorite fish there as well, PM’d him to beg for his return to the fold, alas unsuccessfully.


I am sure Sam the fireman would be OK, but I can think of a Captain Pugwash character that probably would not past the moderators test for joining the forum.


I just updated my profile with details about the ID I used on the old forum. You’ll see this information if you click or tap my avatar in any of my posts.


That myth has been thoroughly debunked (


Is that Mr Parry by any chance? I don’t recall him joining the Hoop La version of the forum, but he was always very interesting on the initial forum.

(BTW selecting text to quote on an iPad is near impossible as evidenced above)




Well, if it brings excellent Pace, Rythm and Timing, it might well turn into an olympic champion!


I have NACs. I have NAPs. And i have a NAG! :crazy_face:


Thanks for the heads up on the retrospective review of the 928s in HiFi News. I’ve just purchased the magazine (the first HiFi mag I have bought for quite a while) and have just finished reading the review.

Having read the review I’m almost beginning to wish that I hadn’t sold my 928s which I ran in my main system for many years - particularly since I originally bought them directly from Bo Christensen himself from his own private collection.

The review comments by David Price are pretty astonishing - “One of the finest solid state amplifiers I have heard” and "a timelessness to its beauty and its sound that makes it one of Hi-Fi’s greats"

The quote from Ken Kessler’s original review in Hi-Fi News of "silky smooth almost tube like"
pretty much sums up the sound quality of the amp to me.

However, the Lindemann amps that have replaced the 928s in my system are also pretty good!


Spot on Clive. Mick Parry.

I think Mick was part of the Hoop La forum, but his posts were few and far between.

Hopefully he will register.



seemingly several of his (Bo Christensen’s) can do this to you. I still kick myself for selling my Bow ZZ One. The SN 2 is the first amp to rival its performance over a long period. Others are superficially better, but fail to keep me listening for more than half an hour. The Naim has very different strengths, which is fine as they are equally important to me.


Welcome. Yes, Hmm, it happens. I was upgrading my UC2 to drive my speakers more (Totem Hawks). Thought Atom, dealer said “what about a Star, you need more power for those Hawks”, ended up with the Nova and Core… And then a pair of Totem Forest Signatures… because they sound really good with the Nova…and it has more power… All good, and now I have a second hand Uniti2 with those Hawks in my media room (remember they needed more power…) and the UC2 in the converted garage/games room with 35 year old A&r 22BX speakers.

So, no more tweaks for 5 years I say!


Has anybody seen Andarkian, alias Reserection?

I have this feeling that he is, actually alive and posting !


As do I!


Hi all,

I made it!! Good to be here, when is the House warming!!

Changed my name, all grown up now…Dusty!


Stover on the old forum since 2005, continued on this new platform. A combination of my first- and last name, works fine to me.

Avatar picture captured by myself during fishing salmon in mid Norway some years ago, water hits a rock.

Despite all these years, I still love music coming from Naim boxes!



Bloody hell - go off to the sunshine for a couple of weeks and the world (well the Naim Forum bit) has changed! I think I’m up to speed now, or as much as I ever was. I kept the same forum name as before (real name is Brian Petheram) as it keeps a connection with the old days also most people, including my wife, call me Pev. The avatar is a bit of Grateful Dead iconography which outs me as an unreconstructed old hippie who doesn’t take himself or anything else too seriously. Mostly retired now but somehow had an academic career teaching information systems and researching ways of using ICT in aphasia rehabilitation (feel free to Google my name above). Mostly occupy myself restoring vintage motorcycles, and maintaining a lovely old cottage in North Somerset. Naim owner since mid 1980s and went all the way to a top end olive system and then regressed to Unitis - am currently very happy with my Nova. I’ll update my system details on here when I can find the way to do it. Overall I think this is the best internet Forum I have ever engaged in and am delighted that it has been renewed.


Pev, welcome back, trust you had a good vacation. Naim always throw in a curved ball now and again to see if we are paying attention.


Hello forum people.
Although I have only just joined the forum I was a regular viewer on the old forum for a year or so having discovered it soon after I purchased a Uniqute 2 (since replaced with a NAC272 & NAP100) and so kind of feel that I know some of you already, it is only right that I introduce myself.

My interest in sound reproduction started with building amplifiers as a teenager and after visiting several shows in the mid/late 1970s that fascination morphed into into a liking for expensive (as in I couldn’t afford) commercial gear. Life then got in the way so it was not until 1989 that my first proper Hi-Fi system arrived, a (temperamental) Roksan Xerxes, lovely Ion Obelisk amp & Royd speakers on Linn Kan stands. This lasted for many years with only minor changes and the obvious additions on Tuner, Tape deck & CD player. That childhood interest with all things electronic and mechanical led to 3 years as an IBM mainframe operator, a year as a BBC Transmitter engineer and 38 years as an IT Field Engineer (working with many of the engineers I met when I was an operator), eventually redundancy and hence (probably temporary) retirement.

At the late 1970’s & then late 1980’s HiFi shows I quickly learned that some rooms were much more to my liking than others, Naim was one of the few, there was and still is something special about a pair of Linn Kans driven by a NAP250 or a pair of NAP135’s, and active is even better. My wife doesn’t share my taste in music so the Xerxes & Obelisk etc had moved in to the tiny spare room that was also my electronics workshop / radio shack (I have been a licensed Radio amateur for 40 years). Redundancy prompted me to satisfy that long suppressed Naim urge by properly converting that room into a music room and as it measures just 2.1 x 2.3 metres I am, literally, Boxed In.