Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


Welcome, Mike.


Did Harry make it across?


I believe so, try @harry


Hi, wasn’t a big user of the old but enjoying the new. Being from Aus I’m often out of scyn with majority, which is not a new thing for me. I’m listening your working (or sleeping). Still gives me time to read in peace.

Bought my first Naim gear in 94. Currently have a 272, XPS DR, 250 DR and a Unitserve with Rod Priors in my studio. An Atom with Kefs in the lounge and a Muso in the office.


Hi Darren. Yes, I’ve managed to swim ashore.


Hi all, used to be “DrPo” in the old forum. “Po” was the username I first selected when starting my PhD in 1988 (on a Bitnet network) - you can guess the rest…Now under my real name (well, almost, “Greg” gets shortened to “gr”, seems old habits are hard to get rid of!)

I re-kindled my love for hi if and discovered streaming audio with the help of a UnitiLite at first and then the NDX. Came very close to extending the NAIM footprint with a 282 250 but a practically new Ypsilon integrated at a very competitive price got in the way.

Recently “completed” the upgrade of my analogue source and now pondering the next step in the digital domain!


Mick Parry is alive and well and spending a fair bit of his retirement in Spain. He posts periodically on the pink fish forum.


Apparently I have been missed. I thought I had better put in an appearance :slight_smile:


Same as I ever was. My avatar reminded me of the look my wife used to give me after a new box appeared. I’m cured now and finished upgrading of course.



Hi All,
It is great to be back again on the forum.
My name is Viktor (a.k.a. Vik) and I’ve also migrated from the old forum of which I had been a member since 2006. I very much look forward to keeping up to date with the informative discussions on this forum and, occasionally, to contributing here and there. Cheers, Vik


Greetings on this fine afternoon. I have used the forum name of ‘seakayaker’ since joining the Naim Forum in May 2016 when I picked up a NAIT XS 2. I recently migrated to the new forum a short time ago.

I choose seakayaker as a user name since I have enjoyed the sport for a number of years and still get out on the water in a Pacific Water Sports Thunderbird model kayak which I picked up in the mid 90’s.

The avatar is a selfie I took on May 9, 2014 when I was working on a photo a day project. On that particular day it was late and I discovered I did not have a photo to use for that day. No energy to go back out so I improvised with a hand held indoor selfie.

I enjoy music, poetry, photography, and being on the water kayaking or sailing.

The Naim forum provides a very nice distraction as well and look forward to interacting with many of you for years to come.


Welcome over to the dark side seakayaker


I’ve realised I should have added an -S to distinguish the Mikes, but seem to be stuck with now…


Maybe ask Richard to see if it can be done.


Mike, I’ve messaged you.


Hi all,

Been reading this for the past couple of days and learnt alot so thanks to all. 32 yo so young enough to learn… yet old enough to have had experience with different sound system set ups.

Background: My dad is probably the biggest influence and he has always had high end speaker systems. Currently Linn amps and 802 D3’s…hence my love of high end speaker systems.

I went to a reputable hi-end hifi shop with the aim of buying a Sonos system about 6 years ago for my old house and listened to London Grammar on various speaker/Amp set ups and walked out that very day with some B&W CM8s, Rotel RA12 amp and power amp but then soon realised there was others out there. This followed with a Naim Uniti Atom, NAP250 and currently have CM10 S2’s. I am quite particular about my cars having the best sound system also, so typically B&O option in all.

So I am venturing into the streaming and Mu-so world for the rest of the house (well 2 rooms for now). Mainly the reason for joining this forum as it is a very interesting read.

I know the Mu-so is controversial to how reliable it is but think I’ll get a Mu-so and Qb for some of the other rooms.

Also, worth noting I have only ever used spotify extreme and/or FLAC files from hard drive so completely missed a trick with Tidal which I will try in due course.



We were worried that you’d been badly affected by global warming and the loss of the pack ice! :worried:


Not sure this is very controversial. With any product you’ll always hear disproportionately from those with issues. Those without will be too happy using to opine. My sense is that the Muso (I have two) is extremely reliable. More than any other wireless speaker I have ever owned.


Thanks for your reply and sharing your thoughts. I think I have already made up my mind and I’ll buy the Mu-so and then the Mu-so qb for a smaller room :grinning:


I have to agree with @perizoqui, I’ve had a Muso for 2 years now and have had absolutely zero issues with either connectivity to the network, or with the Naim app connecting to it via IOS.

I will say that I’ve heavily invested in my wireless network and have a mesh setup with Google WiFi which is worth it’s weight in gold for hassle free connectivity.

And a big Hi to all, I was relatively new to the old forum, had mainly been reading and not contributing much. Loving the new forum and taking the plunge into it a little more now.