Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


Hello, I lurked on the old forum. My name is Mark, so easy …I don’t have an avatar.

I’m a post analogue / post physical media hi-fi fan who loves head-fi setups, Roon and music discovery. I have a 4200 strong ripped album collection on my NAS and QoBuz Studio and Spotify HiFi streaming service subscriptions and I’m not afraid to use them. :slight_smile:


@Dozey Is that a Yamaha SG2000 in your Avatar, by any chance? I always fancied one back in the 80’s. I had an SG200 for a while, but it lacked the finesse of its top of the range stablemate.


Spotify HiFi?





I switched names when signing up to the new forum old name was simonpeterarnold. Don’t know why but I used my proper name on the old forum, as I tend not to do on forums. So on signing up to the new I decided to use my usual online name of CrystalGipsy This comes from a mix of the names from the area I bought my first place in London it stuck ever since. Avatar pic is one of my favourite albums.


Yeah sorry, got mixed up with Tidal, I meant their ‘premium subscription’ with their 320Kbs stream.


Migrated from the old forum but decided to go with real name this time although avatar cross references.

Traditional 2 channel muso who plays vinyl, CD and FM although have a Tidal sub for my Qb.




It is interesting to see that a few forumites who used to lurk (using their terminology) in the old forum have come over and are now starting to contribute with postings. I wonder if they see this as a fresh opportunity, or if the new forum appears more welcoming.

Anyway, it is nice to see those who have only read posts in the past now choosing to contribute. It is also good to see a younger forumite. I wonder how (or if) the average age of members has changed from the old to the new forum.

I for one am really enjoying the improved user experience of the new forum and must congratulate the team that made it happen. It is also very reassuring that Richard is carrying on as moderator.


Better late than never. Member since at least 2002. Back far enough to remember Stallion, Tom Alves, and Mick Parry. The good old days. Glad to see all the familiar names and avatars. Looking forward to reading more Brexit insight as it has recently moved beyond my ability to keep up.


We could run a few polls?


Hi Clive,
Yes, it is an SG2000. I bought it about 15 years ago just after it was reviewed in Guitarist magazine (the actual guitar - from Machinehead in Hitchin). It is a lovely thing.

I am better at air guitar tho’


Very nice and as I recall used by Carlos Santana, Phil Manzanera, Stuart Adamson and Bill Nelson.


Hello, my name is Ivelin Marinov and I used my first letters in my name and the picture of my avatar is my favorite band Radiohead. In the old forum, which was an inexhaustible source of information for me, I registered in 2016 with my name Ivelin. I want the new forum to become such a valuable resource and entertainment. I like the new forum platform and I am glad to be a participant.


Welcome Ivelin, have a great time.


I was known as Kiwicat in the old forum. I had been a member since 2014 with a ranking in the 400s. I thought I may as well include my name, as I yam who I yam,but have kept the old avatar picture. I started out owning a Uniti 1 in 2014 but due to reading the forum have ended up with system costing 6 x as much. Although it is bad for my financial health, I enjoy keeping up with the naim world and espiecially the music recommendations and the jokes. I have found practically everyone I have intereacted with on the forum intelligent , kind and helpful, and I am really enjoying the new format, espiecially being able to post photos more easily. Also thanks to Richard for doing such an impeccable job of supervising the forum, he really is superb.


Thanks Hugh - much appreciated!


I too was a member of the old forum, joining in 2014 after buying my first piece of Naim kit, a MuSo. This was soon followed by a SuperUniti and a UnitiQute2 (driving ProAc D20 & Neat Iota respectively).
Like many others I became afflicted with the upgrade bug! An inheritance enabled me to indulge in my (almost) forever system as per my profile. Unwilling to upset either the harmony of our lounge setup/decor or my darling wife (who prefers Radio 4 to music!), I am forever limited to a max. of 4 black boxes (3 at the moment). Neither will I ever get away with speakers bigger than the K6 (not that I can imagine ever wanting to).

My avatar is one of my own favourite photos, a female sparrow hawk lunching on a kill in my garden. My user name is an amalgam of my name (Tim) and the collar number I had for 31 years as a cop.

Although a Northener by birth, and than spending my entire working life in Essex, I am now living the retirement dream in Cornwall. When able to tear ourselves away from this wonderful county and our new friends, my wife and I love travelling, both long haul and in our motorhome.

I find myself having a love-hate relationship with the forum! I’ve had difficulty throughout my entire life being told what to do! This means I sometimes get a wee bit ticked off with those members who seem to think age and years of Naim ownership gives them the right to pronounce on the pros and cons of equipment and setup as if delivering the 10 commandments! I’m more of a believer in letting people know what works for me, and in turn sharing with their own experiences. For me ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ very rarely enter the HiFi equation.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to own anything other than Naim. I rarely visit my HiFi dealer now, as I don’t want to waste his time, so am unlikely to be exposed to many alternatives. That suits me just fine! Long live music.


Hey, welcome everyone. On the old forum I was with the UQ2 set and the NAP100, which replaced the NAD set. It was an amazing change.

Now I am appearing with the several-day Unity Nova, which replaced the previous set.

I am glad that I can be here.


Tim, you might find that your dealer welcomes a visit especially in the ‘off’ hours such as during the day during the week. When business is slow s/he may well be quite happy to show you what’s new and let you have a listen, understanding well that you’re not really in the market. I bet the dealer wouldn’t regard it as a waste of their time!


You may well be right, Bart. He happens to be a really nice guy as well as knowledgeable. I think part of me just doesn’t want to be exposed to temptation!