Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


Ha! I know the feeling, I can’t go into my dealers without blowing a months salary, doesn’t matter how broke I am, the guy just shows me so much shiny!!! I’m obligated to hand over my card!


Ahh, they were the days, much more interesting back then!



Interesting enough that prior to the various Brexit threads I want to remember that you held the previous thread record for volume. IIRC you were buying a car and the thread went to some 4,000 entries. If memory also serves you ended up with a Nissan Z.

If none of this happened and I’m senile please be kind.


Close Clay, I ran a thread about a speaker search. It went on for years and almost brought the old server down as it was so large. I went from SL2’s to Neat Ultimatum 9’s and had great fun along the way. :blush:


It was a good thread. IIRC the topic discussed the various merits of Neat, Kudos, Ovators and perhaps others. I’m sure some us lived vicariously through your selection process…


Welcome. And I had the UC2/NAP100 to Nova upgrade last year to :+1:


I finally decided to reply to this thread.Fabio on the old Forum and on this new one too.Same avatar too which is Caravaggio’s Medusa.Ciao!
PS Seakayaker,I miss your contributions on the Nice photos thread.


I was a member of the old forum probably from around 2008 or so and used the name King Size, which was a play on my surname, as well as the first online moniker I adopted as the name of my F1 fantasy team (it was a play on all the tobacco sponsorship in the sport at that time).

My participation in the old forum waned over the past couple of years as my time has been taken up by other pursuits, although my love of music and the reproduction thereof is still strong.

Decided to use my Christian name this time as well as reference my current location so ChrisNZ it is.


And you drove a fair few miles listening to various speakers - from what I remember


And I met some wonderful people Derek, how are rhe WB’s, still performing well?


WB’s are running fine. My system has ben very stable for the last 11 years, a deviation into other technologies for convenience, but essentially the same system.
Sad to say not been to a show for many years.


We still go to shows occasionally but more to catch up with people and friends. It’s been a while since I went to a show to listen to the equipment.