Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members

I’m back. Thought it would be much better form to join the new forum, and then when you all least expect it…



My Name is Serge, Tesilk means in Armenian “Mirage, Vision, Illusion…”.

I am big Kawasaki Sport bikes fan and I have one, so it’s all about me.

Hello everyone!

naim_nymph no more…

Must be getting serious being on first name terms now :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Anyway, on with the show!

Now where do we go to start complaining about how awful the new forum is? :laughing:


Hi all.

YetiZone on the old forum and the same on the shiny new one - definitely a lack of imagination!

BTW, does anyone know where the “Mark all forums as read” button is in the settings? Seems to be the one helpful thing I can’t find.

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Hi all,
Perizoqui is a contraction of my first and last names. Not very exciting, but I’ve been using it since the dawn of the internet, so I’m used to it. My real name is Pedro, and I’ve got a bit more on my profile including a link to my always-slightly-out-of-date-webpage if you’re interested.

So far I like the look of the new forum! Looking forward to many lively exchanges on various heretical opinions (e.g. cables don’t matter, digital is better, Cheddar is best when it comes from Vermont, and so on…)


Hello all,
Moved over from the old forum and the older one before that.
Sure this one will be just as good if not better.

I first joined the Naim Forum back around 1998 when I bought a NAC52/135. Only posted very infrequently. When it moved to the previous Forum, I didn’t join immediately but only joined in 2005. I was TN in the old forum.

Hello folks, back here again…previously tonym.


Formerly known as Mr Fjeld but wanted a little excitement in my life and have taken the name of one of my dogs :dog2:


I’m Rob. Only joined the old forum a month or so back.

I’ve never owned anything by Naim but this will change soon with delivery of a ND5 XS 2. Have owned systems by NAD and LINN in the past. Owned an LP12 for many years but sold it last year and replaced it with a Well Tempered Versalex and extremely happy with it. I’ll be selling the rest of my LINN system very soon and replacing it with the ND5 XS 2 and Exposure 3010S2D integrated amp.

My username is inspired by the album ‘Black Masses’ by Dorset Doom metal outfit Electric Wizard (imagine Black Sabbath slowed down). I’m not a rocker or metal head but have a soft spot for them and seen them many times across the country.

My Avatar is a photo of Johnny Marr. I love Johnny Marr end of.


ChrisH in the last 2 forums, ChrisH still today, Im not innovative enough to think of something new, I have enough trouble changing all my passwords at work every 2 months.

And my avatar portrays my other passion. Im now in what they call the ‘Masters’ category, to you and me that just means old!

Greetings! I’ve made it across from the old forum (it is very different!). I used to be Clive B on the old forum, but the system didn’t like the space.

I’m using the same avatar (for now), which shows a 1962 Gibson ES335 I used to own. I’ve been a guitar player since I was 12. Besides playing guitar, I also enjoy listening to music, which is why I entered the world of Naim Audio in 1986 with a Naim Nait.


Back with the same Annette Peacock avatar - cover shot of the most excellent ‘X-dreams’ album.

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Hi, it’s great to be in the new sunny uplands! Same avatar and I look forward to many more hours of pleasure and help from the forum. Delighted to see so many familiar people.


Looks like I made across to the new Forum.

I have been on the old Naim Forum(s) for 18+ years since August 2000 and look forward to at least another 18 years.


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Alfa4ever on the old forum, decided on a new username to reflect my name as sadly the Alfa’s had to go… redundancy plus tourist’s with 4x4’s down narrow cornish lanes don’t mix with Alfa’s. Avitar has also changed from my Brera to a pint of Mena Dhu at one of my local pubs overlooking Crantock beach.

Hi all. I moved across to the new forum from the old a few days ago. Same forum name and avatar. Why the avatar? I’ve been a Pompey fan since I was a kid and the picture of winning the FA cup in 2008 is the highlight of PFC’s achievement in my life-time, at least so far!


Oooh…I’ve landed, the new Roog probably much like the old one.

My user name “Roog” isnt terribly deep or meaningful, it stems from my previous incarnation as an enthusiastic cyclist, ROOG stands for ‘Run-out-of-gears’ usually associated with the disappointment encountered when climbing hills that you are already in bottom gear!

I have reused my old avatar, ( I like cartoons) I can’t cope with too much change at once.

Just re-joined this morning, but decided after so many years a new avatar was in order, so chose a photo I took in Firenze last year.

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I shall remember your previous avatar fondly, DrMark. It always made me smile.