Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


You might want to rethink that Avatar in light of the new round version!


hi ChrisSU,

i guess it looks like a teacher has scribbled something on a white board…


i guess the 10 things that require Zero talent is quite easily searchable on the net… and i guess faces and animals and music systems are more common …


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New on the new Naim forum so introducing myself. I’m René, from the Netherlands and into audio since i can remember.

After owning MA rx6 speakers on a Rotel AMP and cd-player i moved on to a Unitiqute 2 into an NAP 200 feeding PMC twenty.25 23 speakers wich i’m verry happy with.



My Surname is Biddle so my moniker goes back to when I used to race cars and I had “The Biddler” painted on it in the style of the Riddler from Batman. The 66 part is as obv as it looks and I was a world cup baby. My Avatar is the Cooper S I raced many moons ago. I was on the old forum, but not for long. I bought a uniti in 2017 and joined then but have now upgraded to a 282/250 set up.


Simon is my real name, Slim is a nick name as I’m not! 68 I’ll let you guess.
I have migrated from the old forum, I joined in 2015 when I purchased a 172XS, Nap200Dr and CD5 XS.
These replaced an Arcam set up; Alpha 7Se CD, Alpha 9 intergrated+Alpha 9 Power amp, Bi-Amp’d B&W 683 S2’s speakers. The selector switch on the amp died ( a common problem for them) and can no longer be replaced.
Went to my local dealer with the intension of buying Arcam. When I just didn’t feel any of what they offered the dealer changed to a Naim set up and within seconds I was sold.
I have upgraded the 172 to a 272 and The B&W’s to Ovator S-400’s. Still have the B&W’s on a TV set up in another room, They are cracking speakers.

Marillion were the first band I truly loved and saw in concert, so my avatar on the old forum was the Jester mask from the Market Square Heros cover, Now changed to Grendel, an epic 22 mins of Marillion bliss.

ATB, Simon.


Hi all,
I migrated from the old forum where I posted on a couple of Muso topics, but mostly lurked. I learned a lot from members there. My first kit in 1970s was from Norman H Field in Birmingham, BSR deck, JVC amplifier and Wharfdale speakers. Seemed a jump up from Dansette though. Moved to Worcestershire twenty years ago and after a while bought Arcam 7SE CD player and Dynaudio Speakers. Audio Excellence in Worcester played a variety of kit and having listened to an entry level Naim, I came away with a NAD 3020. I bought a secondhand Nakamichi to play our many cassettes.
I bought the Muso to replace this kit after reading Andrew Everard’s review. I think in December 2014.
I’m streaming ripped CDs from a Mac and now streaming Quobuz via Audivana. It seemed a way to dip my toe into the streaming world and i’m happy.

I never lost my taste for folk, Sandy Denny, Fairport, Steeleye and continued into the Unthanks, Lisa Knapp etc. Richard Thompson a great live player. I listen to classical and sometimes EDM. Jack White encouraged me to listen to his sources. In the future perhaps a Nova? But for the moment, I’m happy to explore the music.



Was in the old forum and migrated on the day it was launched. So far I find the layout easy to navigate.

Audio journey started when I was a uni student in Birmingham. Bought an Arcam Alpha 5 amp, NAD 2000 Monitor Series CD player and a Tannoy 605 sixers with dedicated stand. In about a year, swapped the speaker for a TDL RTL 2. Nice little speaker. Finished studying and came back to KL.

Then sold the Arcam and bought a Nait 3 amp. Thats when the real audio experience started. Changed the cd to Micromega Stage 1 and speaker to Epos ES11 with dedicated stands. Awesome and sweet combination and it lasted for more than 15 years.

Sold everything when we had the baby. Just no time to listen to music with work, commute, baby and all. Then it started all over again with the Atom and a used Neat Elite SX. Added a Nap 100 and then an Audiolab 8200cd. Bought a Core and sold the CD Player :sweat_smile:. Next will be a better power amp. Good to be in the forum and read all the posts. Have a good weekend.


Hi all. I’ve been a member of the forum since around 2006, when I bought my first Naim kit (thanks to James at Audio-T in Tunbridge Wells for getting me started all those years ago - a shame it’s no longer there). I was previously Madhatter but decided to take this opportunity to get a bit more personal, hence the new name - same avatar though. I don’t post much but visit the forum a lot. I found it particularly valuable a year or so ago, when I took the plunge from CDS3 to NDS and all that entailed! Thanks to everybody concerned for all the useful posts on ripping cd’s and setting up a rock-solid network.


It’s weird that we don’t have a truly high end dealer here, though in fairness Sevenoaks do their bit and are reliable.


Hi BertBird, glad to know your new personna! I always enjoyed following your new titles to look forward to in the old forum, especially the classical ones which often tipped me off as to what to mark for future purchase. Keep up the good work!


Greetings. I’m not sure why Naim didn’t just migrate the user profiles from the old forum but I assume there was a very good reason.

My forum name isn’t my real name because my name is my business brand and I like to separate my business brand from my social activity hence Voltaires Ghost. Voltaire is my literary hero better known as François-Marie Arouet who was a French Enlightenment writer, historian and polymath in the18th century.

The picture is me.


It wasn’t possible. It’s a new forum with a new platform as well a new provider.


Whoops I missed this thread for a bit.

I’m Bart (my real first name), from the States, and was on the old forum since 2011, when I first got back into hi fi after many years of not having high quality music in my home. A sales guy at my local dealer recommended Naim given my budget, and so I got a Nait XS2, Naim Dac and UnitiServe in July 2011. I found this forum during the shopping process and the passion people have for Naim really resonated with me.

The helpfulness of the forumites also really resonated and I’ve always been grateful for it and try to pay it forward. @Hook is someone who way back then took time to email me suggestions and answers. We’ll still meet at one of these RMAF shows!!

I’m a musician (not so much these days) and was exposed to listening to music at a very young age. I’ve often commented that there is a special place in my brain where memories of listening to so much music during my university days are stored. Listening to that same music today really does a special something that’s hard to describe, but just really feels right.

And the very first conversation I had with my wife (we met in 2007) was about favorite Beatles albums. Mostly we listen to music together, other than Yes and the Grateful Dead, which she cannot abide.


Always happy to help, I am part of the forum to learn from others and get tips on music, but also like to contribute and help where I can…


Potentially worse if someone else uses your old name and runs amok discrediting your good name, or in my case possibly improving it!


Then I realised, also the outer platter.
It’s where I am happy to be, the Transfiguration Axia S was good, but I don’t want to chance another mishap, even though I have no idea how the damage occured.


Longtime lurker, joined old forum in Jan 18 after getting NAC 272 and NAP250DR. Already had DAC V1 and NAP100 for den system.
Been into hifi and music since early seventies building various speakers and amps as a student. Bought Nytech from Russ Andrews in Edinburgh (went out to buy a fridge) I still have the same understanding wife! As seems the case with lots of us life/work/family took over for quite a spell. Still had an interest but the opportunities were limited.
Before coming to Naim I had top line Cyrus system but tired of the clutter of the shoeboxes, again seems a common route to Naim.

Current favourite music is listening to Radio Paradise flac stream, I keep thinking its playing my record/CD collection with some new bits thrown in, leads to many new discoveries the purchases and downloads.

Enjoying the new forum format.


Salvo is here :wink:



Hi All,

I’m here from the earlier forum which I think I joined in about 2008 when I bought a used Nait 5.
Avatar, nope.
There’s much to like about Naim. IMO it really benefits from careful set up. Ive found Naim themselves to be very helpful in this regard, as well as dealers I’ve used, and the forum. I’ve found the customer service excellent over the years, though I miss dropping the gear in to Sheila. Enjoy your music. The people at Naim make it easy :slight_smile: