iOS 13 and NAIM Muso and app

Since upgrading my iPhone to iOS 13 (and to Beta 13.1 on iPad) I appear to have lost the connection to UPnP. The NAIM Muso I use no longer shows the UPnP on the touch panel. That maybe because it doesn’t connect to the device and software. I use a Mac (the device) and Asset (the software) to stream from my iMac to the Muso.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Or should I be looking elsewhere for resolution?

I’m using iOS 13 with my 272, UQ and Qbs and everything is working fine.

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Thanks. We’ll see what else emerges. I may try another server

I will not get it until Apple release iPadOS 13.1 on Tuesday (24th).
Meanwhile my wife has iOS 13 on her iPhone which up 'til now has been Naimless, I installed the Naim app & its worked perfectly with the NDX over the last few days.

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If the muso isn’t showing upnp on its touch panel (by which I assume you mean in the volume knob on top) then this is a muso issue and nothing to do with the app or IOS13.

I should try a power-off restart of the muso first and if that doesn’t work and you still don’t have upnp on the muso touch panel then I should try a factory reset of the muso.



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Thank you but after some thinking, it may not be the Muso. The Asset UPnP server which normally also shows on my Samsung TV (as a source) is not currently showing Asset. (Not that i ever use the TV as a sound source!). Suggesting that it (Asset) is not broadcasting as it should.

Overall suggesting it’s not the Muso or the app.

Any response?

When you say upnp is missing from the touch panel, what exactly do you mean?



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When I hit UPnP on the app, the app searches for Asset but doesn’t find it and, I guess, consequently, the illumination UPnP on the dial does not show.

Ok. What if you select upnp on the muso Panel in the volume control?

That doesn’t illuminate.

Ok I have just played with my Qb and I had forgotten that you can’t select upnp by tapping something. Apologies.

Following your theory that Asset isn’t working, I think you said Asset is running on your Mac, so I suggest restarting your Mac then.



Ah yes… I’ve done that too! I’m inclined to your factory reset notion and will report in due course. But that wouldn’t answer why Asset why is not showing on the TV…

Thanks for your interest. I’ll report back later tonight… or to tomorrow!

No it’s not the Naim. After both a factory reset and reset of the router, this issue is either a network issue or a Mac issue.

The confirmation for me really resides in the failure of the TV and the Naim to receive the broadcast of Asset server.

Any other offers of wisdom?

I wouldn’t say this was wisdom, but you could try a different server instead of Asset just in case that’s where the problem lies.
Also, Asset is well supported via the dBpoweramp forum, so you might try posting a request for help there.

Hi Chris,

Yes that’s a good idea. A simple but wise thought!

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Sorted. I use a MacAfee anti-virus software programme. For a reason that is unclear to me when I took their Firewall off, Asset was restored on the Naim App. I turned the MacAfee Firewall back on and Asset remained in situ.

Al sorted and its where I will look first if the issue emerges again

Thanks for all this who took time to reply

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