iOS 13 - is it just me?

Does anyone else find iOS 13 a bit naff? I keep finding little annoying things that really bug me, am I alone?

It works OK for me, can you be a bit more specific

It’s more than a little naff. It’s fundamentally flawed on multiple fronts. Effectively it’s now Windows. A million ways to do one simple task and multiple bugs along the way.


Yeh it works fine as such but there’s little quirks that bug me, I’m using an iPhone 6s. Examples I’ve experienced would be if you search a contact to call them and then close contacts by swiping away then the next time you open contacts the same person comes up as opposed to the main default contacts menu, on calendar entries I noticed today if your entry is long and it drops to a second line you then can’t see the day and date toggle wheels as they’ve dropped off screen, to set a reminder at a particular time and date you now have to select two buttons in an illogical fashion, app update menu is naff - it was much easier and clearer before, selecting photos to add to an album is also naff and over complicated whereas before it was straightforward, stupid teenager default unicorn emojis when texting, there’s more I can’t remember right now

I really don’t care for it much at all.

My iPhone X seemed far more stable on iOS 12, I have frequent connectivity issues now.

I find I’m always accidentally dialling, activating Siri, deleting emails etc far more than previously.

Also for many iterations, functions may have expanded but they are less intuitive, frankly cryptic, and pre-populated options set for sharing make it far more likely I’ll inadvertently send something to the wrong person.

There are improvements in many areas, though the constant excitement over new Emojis and similar fluff added to iOS rather bores me.

Siri, that was another one! Now when you say ask Siri to set a reminder for example it no longer repeats the request to make sure it’s correct, often I’ve added inaccurate reminders as it got it wrong whereas before you had the opportunity to correct, I’m quite surprised at Apple, in the past I’ve found their updates fairly solid but this is off the mark imo and even with subsequent iterations of 13 they haven’t fixed anything which is more worrying, unlucky 13 perhaps, roll on 14

Another possible change - shopping on a Sunday I might want to pick some food up last minute.

Previously I used to be able to ask Siri as I drove ‘what time does M&S close?’ for example and I’d get a 4pm/4.30pm reply for the closest store - now it just takes me to Maps snd tells me where the store is.

I just put the phone down and picked it up again, somehow it had gone into Reminders which I rarely use on the phone itself - how? Naturally Apple will say user error.

I also find while scrolling an email or web page that if my finger pauses momentarily a contextual menu opens up that I don’t want and have to close - yes more options but presented when I don’t want them fir the mist part.

Sadly I suspect you’ll be stuck on iOS 13 when the next update is released.

Yes I suspect so, until September anyway

Are you considering a new iPhone ?

Always hard to tell but would not expect the 6s to be ios 14 compatible.

I have an older small 4s I occasionally use - the form factor, skeuomorphic apps and more legible fonts on iOS whatever are much better though naturally in other areas it’s truly dated hardware wise - camera especially.

No not yet, I tested an iPhone 11 and found it too big and far too heavy, there’s apparently smaller versions harking back to the nice iPhone 5 squarer design due in sept so I’ll wait and see what that’s about, the 6s has been great though and have had it over 4 years, put a new battery in it recently and bar iOS 13 it works like new

OK I see you folks have the problems mostly with iPhone’s, I need to say my ‘no problems’ is with basic iPad, I use it as a portable e-mail, internet & app tool.

I know exactly what you mean - the old 4s is a perfect size for me as a phione even if less functional otherwise. I really like the iPhone X for the camera, but it’s still very bulky compared to my iPhone 6 which needs a new battery. I got a 6 plus for the image stabilised camera but barely used it - too big. Other family members have the 11 and it’s a compromise between bulk and features.

If you are referring to the iPhone SE replacement that was due for a 2nd quarter 2020 release I believe, at least from the rumours, but who knows given the effect of coronavirus on the supply chain.

Are you on iPad OS on that or older iOS as the iPad firmware has forked to a more specific iPad version for some models?

iPadOS 13.3.1 (the latest, waiting for 13.4)

Just think Apple has lost its way big time.

It seems to think all its users are 25 with unlimited money to burn on its products .


They still don’t get that the 5 form factor, perfected in the SE will always be as popular as something that you have to hold in two hands.

I’ve yet to update my iPad, on the ‘to do’ list currently once I check I won;t lose any essential apps.

It was very buggy when it first came out, and has settled down a bit, but not that flash really considering how well some previous versions were. The latest MacOS has been a bit of a dog too really. Apple software is not what it used to be.


Software refresh cycles are far too frequent with change for change’s sake, just to try to keep the product line ‘fresh’ - in reality we want stability and gradual changes for the better not just because a marketing team thinks something might be cool or needs a cosmetic update.