IOS App buggy ? Asset lost on network

Hi there,

The streaming solution has always been flawlessly working since beginning several years ago. Now, for unexplained reason, asset does not appear on the server side in the App. Except at the launch of the NAS where it appears for few minutes, and then it is done.
I checked and did already many many trials to solve the problem.
Qnap NAS sofwtare update
Desinstall and reinstall the App
Desinstall Asset and reinstall
Restart router and switch
PLayed with IP adress, different configuration on the exit on the NAS
Now i run ou of ideas and i hope someone here is able to help me.
Does anybody had the problem already?
With the support of th informatiecians, conclusion is or the app managing the network on the NAS is buggy or the IOS App…

Any ideas ?

Thank you for your help.


Hi again ikoun, I posted to you on the Asset forum.
Welcome to the Naim forum, lets hope we can fix it here

As I said in the other posts I think your problem is in the QNAP settings (firewall or similar)
But I now see on this post that you have played with IP address - please go back to DHCP, on all your associated devises. DHCP is designed for simple trouble free domestic type installations & it will do this faultlessly.
I don’t understand what you mean by “different configuration on the exit on the NAS … …etc”

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Thank you, i will try.

For “playing” with IP adress. I used to “bridge” 2 line out and assign 1 IP adress. I thought the problem could come from that. So i cancelled and came back to a classic configuration with 3 exit port (one free for potential problem).
I also tried ti restart the NAS with only 1 cable plugged. To be sure to have only 1 IP adress and try to isolate the problem. Even with only one cable and one IP adress, the problem remain. Asset appear and after few minutes, disappear.

If you have firther ideas, i am all ears.

Thank you !


I don’t understand what you are saying “3 exit port”
You were talking about IP address, & then went to 3 exit port.

Have you changed everything back to DHCP yet, by everything I mean streamer, iPad/iPhone & NAS & after that did you complete a whole system power cycle ??
This means everything must be powered off. Then after a wait of +5 mins (to allow ISP to register that its off)
First power up router (wireless hub) & let it completely finish, then NAS, then streamer & finally iPad.

As Mike has suggested your devices should all be on DHCP. i.e. your iOS device, QNAP and streamer/player whatever they may be.

I say i have 3 exit port because my NAS has 2 network cards with 2 exits per each. I am using 3 of them in case of heavy traffic. Fir this i use the software of the NAS to do a bridge with those 3 , but they are seen as one with one IP adress.

Now i restarted how you suggested and it still doesn’t work…
Maybe the wifi from my router?

You are into something with multiple network cards that I don’t understand, so hopefully the forum has someone who does, but I’m out.
Q - why do you want 3 network cards, what kind of traffic are you handling

In fact, it is no big deal and the NAS for me is out of cause. As a result all machines see only one IP adress, the one of the bridge.
It has always worked this way without problem by the way in the past.

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