iOS app freezes

I am using the Naim Uniti Core’s iOS app on my iPad to rip and stream. Firmware 2.5.2 (3754).

Works like a charm most of the time, but lately the main screen freezes when I return from “Newest CDs”. Sometimes Newest CDs remains active and sometimes it freezes along with all the others. It is happening repeatedly and is beginning to be a real annoyance. It isn’t enough to exit the app and return. To fix it I have to exit the app AND close the app, then return. At this point all the choices become active again. Any ideas why this is happening?

I would shut down your router / wifi and unplug all connected devices.
Wait about 5 minutes then turn on, in order, your router / wifi. Wait until fully re-started, then turn on each device until all are re-connected.
Then once all is connected, try the app again.
I find I have to do this a couple of times a year to keep all running smoothly.
A bit like re-booting a misbehaving computer once in a while.

Like you I use the App with the Uniticore and I have the same problem. Didn’t have that problem before the latest update. Looks like Naim released the update with a bug.

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