Ios app volume control wishlist

I would like to be able to use the iphone volume buttons to set the volume when the naim app is open.
Any chance to have it in the next releases?
Or it’s not in any roadmap?

This has been asked before (including by me) - and the answer seemed to be that it was some kind of licensing issue with Apple. There is a (sort of) workaround. If you listen to Spotify or Tidal through the “connect” version of their apps (so go through Spotify app or Tidal app to play songs, rather than go in via the Naim app), the volume buttons then work. Obvioulsy doesn’t work if streaming from home files.

In all the apps I’ve used, including Apple Music, a single click of the button is quite a big jump up or down so I can never get the volume just right. Nice idea, but badly implemented so I wouldn’t bother.

Paging App guru @tomvamos

I’m afraid this is currently not possible on iOS while the music source is not from the iOS device itself i.e. your Naim product. Apple have remained quite rigid on this for some time. We contacted them in June this year on this very subject (again!); sadly, to no avail.
Without them changing their approach, currently any submission on our part (that attempted to utilise hardware volume keys) would result in an App store rejection.


@ChrisSU I’m using the buttons with an Audiopro c10 and it works very well

Hi, using the audiopro ios app with an audiopro c10, the music source is TIDAL or SPOTIFY or vtuner radios and I’m sure to be able to use the iphone volume button.

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