IOS preset issue since update

I used to be able to select what I wanted to listen to just by tapping on it. Now it seems it pops this menu instead, as if I tapped the 3 dots. Surely this wasn’t an intended update?

iPhone? Ipad? Doesn’t work like that for me, I have to click on the … to get the options menu.
Just tried my iPhone and iPad, both the same works fine. Tested with iradio on unitiqute.

I am experiencing the same ‘new’ behavior. Tapping the icon acts like tapping on the three …

Yes it’s new, disable ‘Tap for options’ in ‘Other Settings’

Thank you. That was it. I was not aware of the ‘tap for options’ had been enabled in the ‘other settings’

It’s been there for a while, but didn’t work for presets. Technically a bug, but I actually preferred it that way.

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