iOS update and Atom chromecast issue


I have an iPhone 6 and since the last update (12.4.2) I’m unable to stream music on my Atom via chromecast from Tidal.

My iPad still does it perfectly (I haven.t done the update yet)

I was wondering if others were experiencing the same issue?

Thank you!


I have exactly the same issue. But with iOS 13.1.2. iPhone X.
I have reported to Tidal & Naim. I think Apple is perhaps the culprit…?
May I suggest you contact Naim Tidal & Apple support as I did to try escalate the issue. :wink:

Hi @Gumpter @Gaetano

Could you let me know the firmware version that your product is running? It will be either 2.6.1., 3.2.0, or 3.3.0.

I tried Tidal+Chromecast+ios13 to an Atom running v3.3 and that worked, so there is another factor in the equation.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

Hi I’m running latest 3.3.0. The issue started on the 9th October.

Steve, also Qobuz App failed to show chromecast at all last night. However after an iPhone restart it picked it up again and worked.

Thanks Gumpter,

I’m just chatting to Tidal engineering on the topic. I’ve been able to replicate the issue here so have got something to chase now.



thanks Steve.

Here is my version if it can help:

Why you wont to stream music on Atom via chromecast from Tidal? Atom have native Tidal.

I can’t activate Chromecast from the Tidal App for my NDX2 or Nova.

@EastEnder this thread.

I was updated today it’s a Tidal bug. They are aware & working on a fix. :wink:

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Hi Everyone,

Tidal applied a patch for this today. For those who prefer to play Tidal like this can you give it a try.

As a side note, we would recommend playing Tidal via the Naim app as:

  • the product will buffer whole tracks into memory.
  • gapless support
  • faster connect / response times

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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Can a ‘switch off’ Chromecast input on my NDX2 Steve as I’ll never use it and want to simplify my naim app homescreen? Likewise ‘usb’ input?



Hi @GraemeH

If you re-run through the 1st time setup wizard and reject the chromecast terms and conditions then the icon won’t appear on the apps home screen. We had to follow Google’s guidelines on this, so it works differently to many other inputs.

At the moment we don’t do a usb disable as that one is a bit of a special input (covers 2 sockets, server mode interaction and device charging). I think it would have to be more a hide so the browse option is hidden. I’ll raise it with the dev team, but is one of the few inputs that is a special case.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

I agree with James on this. In fact, of all the inputs I would least want cluttering up the app home page, USB and Chromecast would be the first to go. USB because the content is much better viewed in the server input, and Chromecast because you select it from the third party app, not the Naim app. So these (along with AirPlay) are the inputs I would never need to select.

Hi Steve I can confirm the patch has fixed it. Good!
Thanks for the update. :+1:t3:

Many thanks Steve.


Sorry, I meant to say that I agree with @GraemeH on this, not James!

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Chromecast now ‘off’…much tidier!


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