iOS vs. Android - Naim app

It behaves the same way on all my playlists regardless of how many tracks. I did try it on much smaller ones as well.

Hold on a sec, the play button above the tracks is in the Library tab not the Playlist tab. When on the playlist tab if I just tap on the first entry it plays and goes on to the next in the list.
Try finding an album in the Library tab, either from a NAS or Qobuz/Tidal and see if you get the Play button and if you do tap it and see what happens. I don’t use saved playlists myself, I prefer listening to albums.

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Oh ok, yeah, I have the play button on albums. I guess it doesn’t come up on playlists, in the library view or playlist view there is no play button. But I did just select an album instead of a playlist, and there it is, looks exactly like yours.

So have you managed to get it playing tracks in sequence in either an album or a playlist? If not send a mail to the developer and see what they say

It is still playing tracks in shuffle mode right now, not repeating any. I will have to play around with it more to see if I can figure out if the repeating is something I am doing, or it is doing.

Have you perhaps got the shuffle button on the playing now tab selected by mistake?

I purposely selected shuffle as that is how I usually listen to my playlists. That part has always worked properly when it wasn’t repeating the same track over.

I use both platforms, ios on phone and android on tablet. On ios when i press Tidal source button i get “Tidal my collection” on tablet and android when i press Tidal source button i get “Tidal home” which i don’t want. I have to select (every time) tidal icon and press “my collection”. I dint find any setting to force android app to remember my choice.

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No preference. For convenience I use the Android phone but sometimes it’s nice to have big screen experience of the iPad

It is, but for me the now playing lock screen/notification widgets which pretty much every other music app has, is a bigger one. The iOS version has had those for nearly two years, and Rovi for much longer, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for those coming any time soon either.

True, I never use these, but good that you mentioned them, it is a feature that probably many people miss on Android.

I’m not holding my breath anyway and went Roon quickly …

Agree, the iOS app to my knowledge has never been behind on any feature. It really feels like the Android app really is just there to “also” have it, but not important enough to invest in it catching up / keeping feature parity.

Having recently subscribed to Tidal we’ve pretty much given up on the naim Android app as it doesn’t appear to provide access to the “My Mix” playlists.

Bubbleupnp users now.

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