IPA for cleaning vinyl records

As i recall from previous similar threads, if using isopropyl alcohol – the dilution with distilled water is 1:1? is that correct?

What are you trying to clean here Ken?

Be careful with isopropyl alcohol on any finishes.

If it’s LPs then you want anything from 5 parts distilled water to 1 part isoprop, to 20:1. Add a couple of drops of photo flo. These days though I prefer to use a non alcohol solution.

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Oh dear!!! :slight_smile: incomplete title – have edited it now…

Ok, you’ve edited, thanks. In which case see the last part of my reply above.

Thanks Richard, What’s the problem with alcohol based fluid. so, what do you use?

Sorry, i am probably going over old ground here – i tried a little searching – but couldn’t nail down something specific. probably old age…


And there was me thinking you were talking about beer.


Yeah…IPA to me is NOT going anywhere but in a glass, and down…in short order!

Supposedly it can harm vinyl, although with so much dilution I’m sure it’s ok. I just found I rather liked the fluid concentrate that came with the Pro-ject VCS so I have been using that recently, and it’s alcohol free.

I used to use isopropyl alcohol, which I assume is what is meant by IPA, in ratios from 1:3 (25%) to 1:2 (33%). I’ve also tried with a few drops of wetting agent.

More recently I’ve been using bioethanol diluted 1:1 (50%), which was the cocktail of choice in the Kabin a few years back.

Both mixed with distilled water.

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Thanks Richard…!

Thanks Clive. why did you stop using IPA?

I use isopropyl, 60% dilued in water to clean my lps. No problem, since maybe 20 years.

Me too. Not recommended. Guaranteed to leave a sticky residue.

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L’art du son :ok_hand:

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Hi Ken, it was simply because the vinyl heads in the HiFi Kabin started switching to bioethanol. I think this is marginally better. It can be obtained from B&Q.

Has anyone tried a Milk Stout for cleaning records? Then again, it’s nice enough that I might just finish it.

If I remember correctly it was Steve J who recommended that mix many moons ago

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I have a Kirmuss and the recommended mixture for that is 40ml of IPA With 6.5 L of distilled water.

i watched a video on kirmussaudio website using their machine to clean records.
hah!! i honestly do not have the patience to go through all those steps to clean a single record – but of course i am not criticising those who do.


I have an Audio Desk for regular/routine cleaning, which is easy-peasy to use. I only use the Kirmuss for restoration of problem records (generally older ones I’ve had for many years, or used records I purchase). I would not recommend it for anything but that. I have a collection of some 4000 classic rock, jazz and classical LPs. Many of them are several decades old. The Kirmuss has improved numerous records but it’s not a panacea: it can’t do anything for damaged records, but it can often restore badly soiled records.