IPA for cleaning vinyl records

what purity should i look for for bioethanol? as i suspect that would affect the dilution required? or does that not matter? i have seen some on big river – just want to make sure that i get the right one.


Make sure you’re getting something without additives (e.g. don’t use rubbing alcohol instead of IPA). I use 70% IPA, as recommended by Kirmuss.

presumably, as i have 99% IPA, i should use up the dilution proportionally? i.e:

6500 x 99/70 ml of distilled water for 40ml of 99% IPA


record cleaning
Apparently the Kodak equivalent of Ilfosol isn’t as good for this

Yummy stuff Dog Fish - especially the 9 pc ABV brew! Nice to use when sitting down in front of a record cleaning machine!

My favourites - beyond the real IPAs. I used these in a VPI cleaning guy machine to very good effect

Excuse the odd typos this morning!

The brand I have been using is La Hacienda, which I notice says it’s >=95% ethanol. This is the version that was being discussed in the HiFi Kabin. If you perform a search in the Kabin for bioethanol, you’ll see pages of discussion on the subject.

I use this too readily available from B & Q dilute 1:1 with distilled water works a treat on my Moth machine

Thanks Michael!

I have a manual cleaner (Knosti) and just wondered if the cleaning solutions being discussed on this thread for machines would differ for the liquid for manuals?

i actually wondered about that too. That perhaps type of suitable cleaning fluid may depend on whether the cleaning machine is vacuum or otherwise…


One reason I asked is that in a recent article by Paul Rigby on a manual cleaner, he recommended using only 7% isopropyl, which is a far lower amount than being suggested in this thread.

That’s not unlike the Kirmuss recommendation of 40ml of 70% into 6.5 L of water.

The IPA is just used to get fingerprints and other grease off the record. Too much IPA is bad for vinyl.

to be honest, either sort of IPA (beer, or neat alcohol), if consumed in the right quantities, makes any music, vinyl or streamed, sound fabulous. At least for that evening…

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Well, I’m having a budget Merlot right now, and that works too.

I agree, I wouldn’t want such a high proportion of Isoprop in my mixture. Hence why I said that the distilled water to Isoprop ratio should be anywhere from 5:1 to 20:1.

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