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My Android phone always fails to find my office Mu-so Qb2 (2 days a week, WFH 3 days a week). I’ve repeatedly tried reset and Add Room, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, or only for a while, or crashes during the process. Definitely same WiFi network.

I was beginning to think it a hardware fault, but before a trip to the dealer, I brought my old iPad in to try and the app found the Qb2 first time; they’ve been comuniciating happily all day and there is even volume control via the app. (unlike Android). So is it an Android app issue?

Going forward, my phone is a lot more convenient than my iPad, but the latter works and the former simply doesn’t. Has anyone else had this?

Conversely both phone and iPad are fine on my (stronger) home WiFi network with a ND5 XS2. Very odd. So is it the Qb2 after all?

I have no idea why your Android phone wouldn’t find it when your ipad can. But your phone should have volume control. I have no ios device to compare, but changing volume using my Android devices is never an issue.

Under Settings → Other settings, there’s an option to use the hardware buttons for volume and whether in the app you want a slider or on screen buttons.

We used to absolutely hate the naim app on Android tablet and phone.

As part of our recent upgrade drive we invested in an iPad. Voila! Very few issues since.

The iPad app doesn’t suffer from the same disappearing streamers issues which android devices repeatedly do, and does not have a lot of the silly UI bugs.

In general we’ve found the iPad app very stable and have now returned to using the naim app for everything except Tidal where it doesn’t show the useful daily playlists.

Other apps such as radiobox are still useful of course, to cast to airplay for stations not on vTuner.

One of the things that appealed to me about Naim was that I wouldn’t need a remote. An ipad seems like getting an extremely large and cumbersome remote. Of course I don’t recognise the issues you list above despite using Android exclusively.

The only issue I have is the lack of feature parity with the ios app and the Qb’s crappy WiFi implementation requiring workarounds.

You could also try using an iPhone instead of the iPad.

Same. Not a device I’m otherwise interested in, so would just be a very expensive remote. And a remote is something I explicitly wanted to avoid.

Remove the app from your phone and reload - I’d bet that fixes it

I use a Samsung Note 5g plus. And an old ipad. Yes, there are differences but not as the one described.
What i have found, is that if i use my muso2 and ndx2 in wifi rather than ethernet, they respond better. Now, that is odd.

I use my old Samsung android phone - a hand-me-down from my wife. It always immediately finds my QB1 and my Nova. Also, I can control the volume for both devices. I would try reloading the app and checking your network as your issues are not a limitation of the app per se.

@AntonSmith Hi if your problem is with your office network only, if I read your op correctly, then previous threads have covered something similar. In essence your QB may be looking at 2.4hz, phone 5hz or vice versa and that may be part of the issue. The other more likely possible issue may be the office network is blocking the required QB discovery protocols. Hotels and some B&Bs have this issue, when you take a QB away with you. That is as much as I can accurately recall from previous threads. I would otherwise suggest you drop support a line and include as much info as possible, such as the wifi setup and how the network is configured. A final thought, is it possible to connect your QB hard wired in the office, at least to test?
If @Suedkiez pops along, he may very well be able to point you in the direction of any other thread on this; often comes up with the info. However you can make your own search - likely you will need be creative to get a chance of turning up the relevant info.

ps - IIRC @davidhendon had an issue with I think a QB on holiday - try his thread or he may be able to help you here.

@sound-hound has a good memory! My problem was with a Qb not a Qb2 and what it boiled down to was that the holiday let WiFi system which was supposedly “beamed” from an adjacent building not accessible to me, did not allow my phone to know what my Qb was saying in response to the setup messages. As I couldn’t get at the router, I was stuffed.

I reckon the fix would have been to have my phone and Qb both on a separate WiFi network extended from the holiday let WiFi network. I tried this when I got home and it worked exactly as I thought it should.

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I’m not here much anymore because of … oh well, but you summed it up very well. Better routers have the choice of whether the 2.4 and 5 GHz are one single network or two separate ones. And cheaper routers may default to one or the other configuration. If they happen to be two separate networks, the mobile might connect to the 2.4 one and the Qb2 to the 5 one, or vice versa. Then they are on different networks and can’t talk to each other.

The solution depends on the devices. Either configure the router for creating one unified network or, if there are two and you want to keep them, ensure that the phone and Qb2 are on the same one.

The other scenario you described, with discovery protocols being blocked on public networks, is certainly also something that can happen.

Depending on the configuration, it may be possible to choose one of the separate networks (the one the Qb2 connects to) in the phone wifi settings. If not, and if the router settings are off limits, the only solution I can see would be Bluetooth or possibly Chromecast, Tidal Connect or Spotify Connect, which might be able to overcome this because they work through a central server. But not sure


Many thanks for all of these detailed responses to my OP. Much for me to get my head around, but using my ageing iPad for just this and replacing it for wider use (it is already too old for iOS updates) is an option and would also solve my iTunes Match playlists issue (my only previous post) at the same time.

Not sure whether this confirms any of the above but when I try to connect the Qb2 to the network work via a network cable (when already working on WiFi) it simply goes silent until I remove it. That is the wired network all of our desktop PCs and servers are on, which is deliberately not the same as the WiFi network (which clients and my mobile devices access). At home it is all the same network/router.

You do need the Qb2 to be on exactly the same network as your phone or it cannot ever work. It’s that simple.

……unless you use Spotify Connect.

Always enjoyed your posts…; more reader than poster myself. Keep well

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Seconded: @Suedkiez some of us are appreciative of your contributions - keep posting :grinning::grinning:


Thanks. I’m keeping an eye on you lot, maybe I just need a break :slight_smile:


Thirded. Glad you’re still around @Suedkiez


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